Target Has Some Top-Notch Healthy Home Decor

Photo: Instagram/@Target

Every time I go to Target, no matter how whole-heartedly I swear I'm only going to leave with whatever toothpaste, dog food, or cleaning supplies I came for, I inevitably wind up walking out with an entire cart full of things I didn't exactly need. I call it the “Target blackout,” and it’s responsible for my dehumidifier, fluffy new pillows, and pretty much every single healthy home accessory in my apartment. For the record, I regret nothing.

When it comes to Target’s home decor, it’s hard not to justify decking out your apartment—the stuff is just that good. And now, it's just that healthy, too: from nature-inspired removable wallpaper to agate (read: crystal!) accessories to Scandinavian-style furniture, the store is basically a mecca to everything you need for the summer-equivalent of hygge-ing your space.

Here, I've rounded up some of favorite healthy home picks that you can find at Target right now. Just don’t blame me when you wind up entirely redecorating your apartment and having now idea how it happened.

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