These New Essential Oil-Scented Tattoos Smell Just As Good As They Look

Photo: Instagram/@tattly

If you thought you reached the peak of your essential oil obsession with the chic diffuser you splurged on and your impressive desk-side stash of the covetable vials, think again: Now you can take your favorite scents everywhere you go—in the form of stylish, new tattoos.

The non-toxic tats last two to four days, so applying one is the perfect way to try the whole permanent ink thing without fully taking the plunge.

French artist Vincent Jeannerot just created a handful of floral-inspired, temporary tattoos for Tattly that offer a a cool new element beyond being visually pleasing: They smell amazing. There's rosemary, sage, thyme, peony—you name it. Plus, each design features tiny, intricate details that will fool anyone into thinking you got your ink done by a pro.

Since the non-toxic $6 tats last two to four days, applying one—or a few!—is the perfect way to dip your toes into the whole permanent ink thing without fully taking the plunge. Or, maybe you'd rather just stick with the temporary route so you can change your design whenever you want, totally pain-free. Either way, it's a great way to give the whole tat thing a dress rehearsal (although it might not pack the spiritual punch that the needle-y route can provide).

Check out these 5 super-cute, floral tattoos from the new scented line.

Photo: Tattly

1. Blue hydrangeas

These pretty hydrangeas look like they were picked straight from the garden—and they smell like it, too.

Photo: Tattly

2. Rosemary

Rosemary is said to help improve your memory, so why not bask in the fragrance at all times?

Photo: Tattly

3. Sage

If you already used sage to get rid of bad energy in your home, wear this aromatic tattoo to take those positive vibes on the go.

Photo: Tattly

4. Pink peony

This scented ink takes flower power to a whole new level.

Photo: Tattly

5. Thyme

Has there ever been a better thyme (HA) to turn your favorite acne-fighting herb into a tat? The answer is no.

Here's the easy way to make your own signature scent with essential oils. But before you get started, make sure these three are in your starter pack.

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