Astrologer Susan Miller Forecasts Which Zodiac Sign’s Career Will Bloom in 2021

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This year 2020 shifted the way in which we work in roughly trillion complex ways, but if you noticed some of your Aries friends doing suspiciously well, there are a few reasons.
  1. The ram is a fire sign, fueled by aggression, assertiveness, and action.
  2. It’s also a cardinal sign, which makes Aries folks natural self-motivators in crises.
  3. Luck.

Luck is that third reason because Aries was incidentally having their "career year," according to Astrology Zone founder and astrologer Susan Miller. So, are you curious as to which sign stands to win in the professional sphere next year? According to Miller, the Taurus career horoscope for 2021 shows that the bulls will thrive at work, albeit perhaps at a different pace than those Aries workers did in 2020.

"You're going to have the biggest career year of your life so far. It's just the beginning; this year really rockets you to fame." —Susan Miller, astrologer

"You're going to have the biggest career year of your life so far," says Miller. "It's just the beginning; this year really rockets you to fame." Now, as the living embodiment of a Taurus, I love hearing that, but there are several notable (if not annoying) caveats to this great news to point out. Most important is that not every Taurus will see the rewards of this sunny career horoscope for 2021 at once.

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According to Miller, Uranus in Taurus will provide some last-minute challenges to those born between April 26 and 27, plus or minus five days. Uranus is a planet that revels in interruption and innovation. It stays in each sign for about seven years, and in Taurus, it means a societal shift towards material objects. Uranus in Taurus marks an era of getting basic resources to the people who need it, which may manifest into social programs and more accessible, communal wellness practices.

As for how this transit may impact a Taurus’s career? In short, Uranus doesn’t feel comfortable in Taurus, a change-averse fixed sign. So the Tauruses in April will feel the professional wealth until Uranus moves further degrees away, and then Tauruses in May will see better results edging more toward 2022.

But what all bulls can probably expect in 2021 is joy and success in a role that comes naturally to them. The Instagram meme stereotype of Taurus is that they’re beyond lazy, and when the reality is more like not necessarily doing it all for a job. As Courtney O’Reilly, my cosmic birthday twin, astrologer, and founder of Vibrant Soul Astrology puts it, Taurus simply needs to understand why something needs to be done before they put their passion behind it. Then, the career magic happens.

"It’s more that they need to be able to see the value or point, as they are deliberate about how they use their energy," O’Reilly previously told Well+Good. "Taureans don’t shy away from hard work, and, in fact, love the satisfaction of being useful, seeing a job through and doing it well—even if they do move a bit slower. They’re thorough by nature, and that takes a little more time."

And a Taurus also sometimes needs a slight kick in the ass to do that good, hard work. So if you’re a Taurus who wants a little push to the top to make the most of this great career horoscope for 2021, I definitely recommend picking up this Papier Foxworth Hall Day Planner ($29).

Miller’s own 2021 The Year Ahead Astrological Wall Calendar ($27) is also useful in terms of marking fortuitous transits, like the timeline of best planetary conjunctions for asking for a raise or a promotion. For those working from home, grab yourself an empowering Taurus Zodiac Sign Laptop Sleeve ($32). And for a day-to-day pick-me-up, I'm also into O’Reilly’s Signs: Taurus ($12). She really loves up on the star sign, and sometimes that self-esteem boost is what's needed to supercharge a Taurus's ambitious energy.

Anyway, Uranus be damned. We got this, Taureans. Get ready to climb the career ladder, and don’t fret too much about the speed. We’ll get there, we always do.

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