The Rare Halloween Full Blue Moon Has Life-Changing Energy—Here’s What To Expect for Your Sign

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The upcoming Taurus full moon, or Hunter’s Moon, will be anything but ordinary. For starters, it’s occurring on Halloween in all time zones for the first time in 76 years at 10:49 a.m. ET. It's also a blue moon, which only occurs when there are two full moons within one month. (The full moon in Aries happened October 1.) During this lunar transit, we can expect certain world events to take a sharp turn, surfacing jarring hidden information that can shift important facets of our lives. While these changes can appear on the surface, the potent magic is made from deep below.

The Taurus full moon will form an exact connection with Uranus in Taurus—the planet of rebellion, shocks and surprises—which has been retrograde since August 15. And the full moon's energy bursts through the depths of Scorpio season, when the veil to other realms is thin. Doing shadow work, the practice of healing of ancestral wounds or inner-child challenges, can create a potent window for positive change and growth in our lives.

This energy teaches us that we can follow our joy and magnetize abundance simply by being, rather than hustle and grind. Acceptance of our true selves and love is the key.

Now, for what the energy of this full moon in Taurus holds: This is a Venus-influenced full moon, as the planet rules both Taurus and Libra, and Venus will be in Libra during the event. Mythologically, Venus, the divine feminine, is the goddess of love, abundance, and justice. The number 13 and the moon itself also represent the divine feminine, which is notable because we are graced with 13 moon cycles this year. This energy teaches us that we can follow our joy and magnetize abundance simply by being, rather than hustle and grind. Acceptance of our true selves and love is the key.

Self-love is important during times like these. In addition to making moon water to empower yourself, you can use your zodiac sign's energy to turn challenges into triumphs and boost your internal magnetism to step into a more aligned reality with the power of the Taurus full moon.

How to make the most of the Taurus full moon energy for your zodiac sign.


Your self-worth will be boosted during this lunation, Aries. Your material gain is closely tied to what you believe you are worth. If you believe in what you have to bring to the table, you can attract abundance. Sudden shifts in your career world can give you this opportunity for positive growth. First, though, you must know you are worthy and ask for it!

Your full moon self-care tip: As a fire sign with a lot of internal energy, use your element to usher in self love. Under the light of the full moon, light a dark green candle representing abundance, and take quiet time for yourself. Take a blank sheet of paper and slowly script (write) out a powerful statement 13 times to usher in this energy and bring it into existence. Try: "The universe will always provide for me." "Money always magnetizes to me." "I am worthy." "I am always abundant." Fold the paper in half, and roll it toward you. Sleep with this under your pillow.


Taurus, the full moon is occurring in your sign, which is significant for your identity. You may feel prompted to change your appearance or shift how you present yourself to the world. Relationships that no longer align with this new truth may leave, but it’s only for the better.

Your full moon self-care tip: Flowers invoke your element of Earth and your ruling planet Venus’s energy of love, abundance, and beauty and help you integrate it into your being. Purchase yourself chamomile essential oil, and apply as necessary. Meditate on the day of the Taurus full moon to practice the art of being. Take in the aromas while envisioning loving who you truly are!


Your subconscious mind and the limiting beliefs holding you back are shifting for you, Gemini. A situation outside yourself can trigger you to look within and understand how you've been holding yourself back all along. This can be an incredibly healing time, resulting in new wisdom.

Your full moon self-care tip: Breathwork is an ancient and powerful tool for shifting metaphysical energies, like subconscious thought patterns. Attend a class to tap into its power, and release the chatter from your busy mind. After, journal what comes up for you in order for you to become mindful of these thoughts and mentally release them.


The moon is your ruling planet, so its energy can deeply affect you, Cancer. Information you receive online or in your professional network can completely change what you value. You are realizing that you must value yourself and your own personal dreams in order for others to do the same.

Your full moon self-care tip: Taking time off from social media, texting, and email is wise on the day of the Taurus full moon. If you have the ability, visit the beach and become one with your natural element of water, away from the noise. Find a safe spot to meditate silently, listening to the waves crash. You can also take a nourishing sea-salt bath under the light of the moon.


A sudden surprise or development in your professional life may be the catalyst for you to step into your natural role as the star of the show. Your day-to-day routine can become erratic, but this is only to elevate your work. Only you can seize this moment and choose to level-up your career, Leo.

Your full moon self-care tip: As a natural creative, having belief in your abilities is the key to professional growth. Healing and strengthening your inner child can help you roll with these changes, so take time for a fun-filled activity, whether it's wearing creative costume, or simply drawing, dancing, and taking time alone.


Virgo, you will feel the sudden drive to communicate or prove beliefs and values that you hold dear. You may speak out on social equality or rebel against inherited beliefs that are no longer serving you. Your opinion has value, and speaking your truth can be a healing moment for you.

Your full moon self-care tip: Scripting is a powerful way to strengthen your beliefs and remove worry or self-doubt of what others think. To practice it, simply write down the reality you desire—including what you believe, your goals, and your dreams—in order to bring it to fruition. Reflect on your script and send out love and acceptance to yourself.


This is a powerful time to embrace your personal power. The full moon is encouraging you to transform by understanding your worth in close relationships and deep bonds. A scenario surrounding sharing resources or finances can trigger past feelings of unworthiness, prompting you to look closely at strengthening this about yourself. Know your boundaries, and others will, too.

Your full moon self-care tip: Your sign represents the energy of love. Once you integrate this feeling into your heart, you can feel it back from others. The key is ensuring your own internal energy is balanced, and a reiki healing session can help.


The Taurus full moon highlights key relationships and your role in them. A change or stressful event in a love, platonic, or work relationship can bring karmic setbacks to light for you. This can be a time for you to learn what works for you and to eliminate what simply doesn’t. It’s time to choose yourself in order to come into alignment with others.

Your full moon self-care tip: Endings can be painful, but who better to handle them than a Scorpio? Meditation is recommended in order to work through turbulent scenarios and to not react too quickly. Take 20 minutes during the full moon to connect back with your physical body and to help release intense emotions. You can then move forward with a clear mind, head, and heart.


The Taurus full moon is signaling a drastic change in how you take care of your health and whether you are practicing self care. You may have been overworking yourself lately, Sagittarius—slow down and take a break from the grind.

Your full moon self-care tip: Take a time out from work and daily responsibilities. A spiritual bath comprised of cleansing lavender essences and sea salt can give you the moment you need to bring you out of the chaos and back into your physical body.


A sudden creative idea or spark of genius can occur that could end up being very lucrative for you. Perhaps this big idea is what you’ve needed all along in order to align with who you truly are.

Your full moon self-care tip: A vision board is a creative and metaphysical way to not only build out your exciting idea but to bring it into your reality. Get inspired and create a collage surrounding your dream. This will help boost not only your mood but help to manifest it faster.


Your home life will experience a sudden transformation, and this is much-needed. Uranus is your ruling planet, so normally you welcome change. Perhaps a move or complete redecoration and overhaul of your personal space is necessary.

Your full moon self-care tip: Crystal energy can be a grounding force to help bring in new inspiration and ground your forward-thinking mind in the present. Clear quartz is a fantastic stone that promotes clarity of thought while also cleansing the energies of your personal space.


Communication is an important facet of life, and you could suddenly be compelled to speak your truth and what you value to others. This may come as a shock to those around you, but be a positive healing moment for you.

Your full moon self-care tip: Strengthening your throat energy center can help assist you during this time. Sound-bath meditations at can help balance and clear your ability to speak. Attend a digital sound bath online to connect with community and heal this area of your energetic system.

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