These 2 Zodiac Signs Are Likely To Experience the Biggest Transformations in 2022

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Consider the symbolic concept of being eclipsed by someone (or something) that looms large, and you’re not far off from the meaning of an eclipse in astrology: It’s a time when you’re pushed to surrender a bit of control to the cosmos and buckle in for a transformative journey. Thanks to the final eclipse season of 2021, which ushered in a new cycle of eclipses along the Taurus-Scorpio axis, those two zodiac signs, in particular, are poised to experience big-time changes over the next two years.

From an astronomical perspective, eclipses always align with full moons and new moons, with the Earth casting its shadow on the full moon in a lunar eclipse, and the new moon shading the Earth in a solar eclipse. Cosmically, you can view their energy as that of supercharged full and new moons, respectively, says astrologer Courtney O’Reilly, author of Zodiac Signs: Taurus. “I think of eclipses like universal spring cleaning: They swoop in and sweep away the stagnation and dust, removing what is no longer in alignment to make way for new opportunities,” she says.

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For the next year and a half, that sense of upheaval will be happening within the opposing zodiac signs of Taurus and Scorpio, specifically, which means that if one of those two signs is prominent in your chart (whether it's your sun, rising, or moon sign), you’re poised to feel this seismic shift most directly. In particular, the dates to look out for are April 30 and May 15 (the first set of solar and lunar eclipses, respectively), and October 25 and November 8 (the second set)—though the out-with-the-old, in-with-the-new theme could ripple throughout this entire time.

“Eclipses bring erratic, unpredictable energy, but also destined events.” —Stephanie Campos-Powell, astrologer

While you might feel inspired to actively make changes in areas ruled by Taurus (love, beauty, and money) or Scorpio (sex, passion, and the psyche), some of the shifts may feel almost prompted by fate. “Eclipses bring erratic, unpredictable energy, but also destined events,” says astrologer Stephanie Campos-Powell. That’s because they align with two powerful and fated astrological points: the north node, which will be in Taurus in 2022 (and symbolizes the life you may be growing into or moving toward), and the south node, which will be in Scorpio (and represents past-life energy and where you’re coming from).

“We haven’t had the nodes in these zodiac signs since November 2004, so it’s been a while,” says Campos-Powell. “Now, they could mark a serious shift or trigger unique events for those with Taurus or Scorpio placements in their charts, based on the particular planets in those signs and the astrological houses [or arenas of life] where they’re located.”

How, specifically, Taurus and Scorpio might expect to experience the big life changes of 2022

It’s worth reiterating that your astrological experience isn’t defined solely by your sun sign—or the zodiac sign you’d most commonly read a horoscope for—but rather by the sign placements of all the celestial bodies at the time when you were born, which are organized in a natal chart. (To find yours, plug your birth date, time, and location into a chart generator like this one.) Having a lot of Taurus or Scorpio placements in your chart could mean you’re apt to feel the sweeping changes of the upcoming eclipse cycle more potently.

To figure out just how, consider the planet or celestial body where either sign falls. For example, if Taurus or Scorpio is your sun sign, you can expect to feel a change relating to your identity, given that the sun represents our sense of self and purpose in astrology. “An eclipse over your sun could feel like a system upgrade on a computer,” says O’Reilly. That is, some core area of your life related to how you identify could be due for leveling up—perhaps, your career, where you live, or a particularly important relationship. “Like a snake shedding its skin, Taurus and Scorpio are going through a similar growth process,” says O’Reilly.

If you find that your moon is in Taurus or Scorpio, the large-scale changes of the coming eclipse cycle could relate more closely to your emotions and feelings (as the moon rules over these realms), whereas if your rising (aka ascendant) were to be in either sign, you might experience change having to do with how you present yourself or show up in the world.

How to best navigate this transformational energy

Because both Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs—aka the signs that most cherish stability and security—any change can be tough to weather. “Both of these signs enjoy being in control, but with eclipses, we don’t have our hands on the steering wheel,” says Campos-Powell. “It’s essential to release some of that need to drive. That’s not to say you can’t actively work toward your goals or that your free will disappears, but more so that it’s important to stay grounded in the present moment, rather than attempting to outline the future.”

Another helpful frame? Envision the changes of the eclipse cycle as one part of your broader evolutionary story, says O’Reilly. “The key with eclipses in your sign is to remain curious, flexible, and trust that what is changing now is meant to change. Working with, rather than against, the shifts that come will ultimately elevate your life, if you let it.”


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