Taurus Season Will Have You Slowing Down and Considering What You Really Want—Here’s What To Expect for Your Zodiac Sign

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As temperatures rise and spring flowers continue to bloom, the early-spring excitement of fiery Aries season gives way to the slower and steadier vibes of Taurus season. But despite the grounded energy of Taurus, this year's Taurus season could throw us for a few loops: We'll experience a cosmic shift backward when Mercury retrogrades in Taurus for much of the Earth sign’s season, which also coincides with a set of chaotic eclipses. Read on for intel from astrologers about what to expect from Taurus season in 2023, in general, as well as how every zodiac sign can anticipate feeling the bull's steadfast energy this year.

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When is Taurus season?

Taurus season begins when the sun moves into Taurus on April 20 and lasts until May 20, after which point the sun shifts into Gemini. Given Taurus is a headstrong fixed sign, this period of time brings fierce planning and determination coupled with an appreciation for the beauty and experiences life has to offer. It's a season marked by "this sense of everyone orienting to the practical and the sensual," says astrologer Stephanie Gailing, author of The Complete Guide to Living By the Moon.

Overall mood and energy of Taurus season 2023

Ruled by Venus, the planet associated with love and beauty, Taurus is all about a slow, steady climb to accomplish its goals. Whereas Aries is more likely to act on passions with rapid-fire speed, Taurus will go after what it wants with gusto, but will also pause to consider the best way to achieve success over a long period of time. "Taurus can keep going through any storm because it's got its eye on a goal," says astrologer Alexandria Lettman. And we can expect to feel that determined energy this Taurus season, especially as the slow roll of Mercury retrograde may challenge us to persevere through communication snafus.

At the same time, however, Taurus is also an Earth sign, which, on the one hand, gives it a practical and grounded vibe, and on the other, pairs with the influence of ruling-planet Venus to give it a sensual side. “Tauruses are very much oriented through their senses, and that’s how they experience and move through the world,” says Gailing, “whether it’s through taste, smell, touch, sight, or sound.” In turn, you'd be wise to lean into your senses this season, and embrace the natural beauty of spring.

The fact that Taurus can both work hard and play hard—often following up a tough day of work with a fancy happy hour or dinner reservation—also means that this season is a time to find balance between practicality and indulgence. When it comes down to it, Taurus loves luxury, beauty, and romance, and all of the above could figure big over the next month.

Key transits affecting every zodiac sign during Taurus season 2023

Planetary movements

A couple key planetary transits could give this Taurus season a difficult edge for every zodiac sign—namely, Mercury retrograde in Taurus, which lasts from April 21 to May 14 (aka nearly the entire season).

Because Mercury is the planet of communication, its retrogrades make misunderstandings and miscommunications more likely; this is why it’s paramount to move with caution and avoid making hasty or new decisions during the next few weeks. Paired with Taurus’s careful and considerate nature, this transit could make the season feel even slower than usual, says Lettman. “Mercury retrogrades already slow down our thought processes, but in Taurus season, it's like we're being extra, painstakingly cautious.” It's a time to review, reassess, reimagine, and generally go back over past decisions to see what may need to be revised.

“Mercury retrogrades already slow down our thought processes, but in Taurus season, it's like we're being extra, painstakingly cautious.” —Alexandria Lettman, astrologer

That reflective energy is further deepened by another key transit: Though Pluto shifted into Aquarius in March, it retrogrades from May 1 to October 10, shifting back into taskmaster Capricorn. Pluto has a lot to do with rebirth and renewal, so especially when it retrogrades, the transformative planet offers us a chance to consider what is working in our lives and what isn't—and how we might let go of the less-supportive things in order to make room for something new, according to Lettman.

On a more positive note, Taurus’s ruler Venus also moves into nurturing and caring Cancer on May 7 and will remain there through the rest of Taurus season. “This energy is all about nurturing others and wanting to be cared for and protected in return, so naturally, we're all likely to feel more sensitive and sentimental,” says Lettman.

As the season nears its end, abundant Jupiter enters Taurus on May 16, kicking off a portion of the year during which Taureans, especially, can expect to come upon some luck. More broadly, Jupiter in Taurus is all about manifesting material and financial gains. So, you'd be wise to start thinking now about any new monetary goals you might want to achieve, so that you can go after them with intention...that is, once Mercury ends its retrograde on May 14 and Jupiter has made its moves on May 16.

In fact, this end-of-May timing is especially aligned for action as Mars, planet of motivation and energy, enters fiery Leo on May 19. Leo’s bold, passionate energy could encourage you to take a lion-like leap toward your goals, says Lettman. “This is like a rush of courage right at the end of Taurus season,” says Lettman. “It's like the mind had to recenter itself before we could physically be ready to take a leap and just go for things.” However, Mars in Leo is a pretty powerful combo, so it could also trigger some people, especially if they feel like their achievements aren’t being properly recognized or appreciated.

Lunar transits

The moon's movements add another dimension to the unpredictable Mercury-retrograde vibes. In particular, a set of solar and lunar eclipses will affect every zodiac sign during Taurus season in 2023; the first occurs in Aries on April 19 (just before the sun shifts into Taurus), and the second, in intense Scorpio, on May 5. Eclipses are times of upheaval, and Gailing says the period in between these two eclipses could feel stressful and emotional. "There's this sense that the ground underneath our feet is shifting, but we don't yet know where we're going," she says.

"Keep a little bit of the mystery and magic, and don't push forward too fast right now because eclipses tend to reveal things over time." —Stephanie Gailing, astrologer

The important thing to remember is that some uncertainty right now is okay; we're not supposed to have all the details figured out, says Gailing. She advises resisting any desire to fixate on outcomes and staying open to what may present itself, instead. "Keep a little bit of the mystery and magic, and don't push forward too fast right now because eclipses tend to reveal things over time," says Gailing. "This period is about seeing what happens, and then going back over things, and reassessing, if need be."

On May 19, just before Taurus season comes to a close, a new moon in Taurus gives us a sigh of relief and a chance for renewal, says Lettman. If you used the forced cosmic slowdown of the Mercury retrograde to review and reassess, the arrival of the new moon marks a time to act on what you've learned and put new plans in motion accordingly.

Which signs are most affected by Taurus season in 2023?

Because the sun is in Taurus, naturally, Taureans will be the most affected by the goings-on of Taurus season. "They will feel more like themselves and find it easier to take the spotlight, but they could also struggle with some self-doubt and deep self-reflection because of the coinciding Mercury retrograde," says Lettman.

The other fixed signs—Aquarius, Leo, and Scorpio—will also deeply resonate with Taurus season's energy because they share its steadfast modality. These signs can expect an increase in determination, focus, and empowerment, according to Lettman.

Additionally, the energy of Taurus season lends both Virgo and Capricorn, Taurus's fellow Earth signs, a feeling of grounded consistency that will make it easier for them to work toward their goals and be productive.

And because Venus is not only Taurus's planetary ruler, but also Libra's, the Librans will also get a little boost this season, says Lettman. In particular, they could feel more inspired than usual to pursue (or re-up) luxurious or artistic endeavors, and will be more motivated to take care of both themselves and their loved ones.

As for everyone else? The energy of Taurus season in 2023 may not hit as powerfully but will still uniquely affect every zodiac sign, given that the sun in Taurus occupies a different astrological house for each. Below, find your sign's Taurus-season horoscope, along with star-sanctioned advice for making the most of it.

Taurus season 2023 horoscopes for every zodiac sign


The symbol for the aries zodiac sign, which resembles a ram.
We’re fresh off your season, Aries, and heading into a time that’s pretty much the opposite vibe of your preferred operating mode (which is to charge ahead). Though it may not come naturally, methodical planning can do you some good this Taurus season, according to Lettman. Remember: Progress doesn't have to come all at once, or in a linear fashion, to be worthwhile.


Happy (almost) birthday, Taurus! It’s your season. But while you may be particularly in your groove when it comes to your personal life, Lettman advises not to get distracted at work; as Mercury's retrograde journey spans nearly your entire season, communication-based mishaps are inevitable if you don't take extra precautions. Once this transit passes, things will seem more stable, and it’ll feel more possible to push through any work challenges.


Get ready to dive deep, Gemini. For you, this season is dedicated to self-reflection and healing, as the sun in Taurus moves through your 12th house of the inner psyche. Take all the time you need to tend to your mental health, and embrace activities like breathwork and meditation that help to quiet worries and anxieties.


With values-rooted Venus moving into your sign this season, Cancer, you may feel more sensitive and reflective, especially when it comes to family matters. Prioritize spending time with those you love—however, don’t get too frustrated if they seem to not be making as much time for you, says Lettman. Remember: Emotions are high during eclipse seasons, and Mercury retrograde makes crossed wires all too common.


Mars moving into your sign this Taurus season will give you a boost of confidence and energy, Leo—not that you need it, though. (You're quite literally the beating heart of the zodiac.) Take that poise into the workplace, and it could really pay off, says Lettman. This time is particularly supportive for your career with the sun in Taurus residing in your 10th house of reputation.


You may love your rituals and routines, Virgo, but Lettman says this Taurus season will bring the necessary understanding that sometimes, it's good to dream a little bigger. The sun in Taurus is transiting your ninth house of exploration and discovery, pushing you to envision the ways in which you might expand your horizons or embrace a little wanderlust. Just don't make any big moves yet; you'll be better served taking steps toward your future when Mercury completes its Taurean retrograde.


Taurus season activates a very deep part of your chart, Libra: the eighth house of sex, intimacy, taboos, and death. Though you might normally prefer to focus your energy on thinking (as a cerebral air sign), this season is asking you to embrace feelings. According to Lettman, you could spend this period "really healing from the past and rebuilding from the inside out." Use this time to decide what makes you feel content and comfortable in your own skin—and act on that.


The emotional turbulence of the eclipses this Taurus season could hit you—and your relationships—extra hard, Scorpio. Not only does the lunar eclipse happen in your sign, but also, the sun transiting directly opposite your sign, in Taurus, highlights your seventh house of one-on-one partnerships. You could feel romantic or perhaps come to a clearer understanding of exactly what you want in a significant other, says Lettman. If you have one, also be prepared for what you do have to get more serious.


As a gregarious fire sign, you may be naturally confident in yourself, Sagittarius. But this Taurus season, you could find that you're really on the ball, says Lettman. The sun in Taurus moves through your sixth house of daily rituals and wellness, lending Taurean perseverance and determination to your everyday to-do list. Just be sure that you don't use productivity to mask oncoming burnout. Remember: You don't have to go it alone, and it's okay to lean on others for support.


As a fellow Earth sign to Taurus, you could feel especially grounded this season, Capricorn. It'd be wise to use the firm foundation you've built to let loose a little bit. You know how to work hard for others; now, it's time to put your own happiness front and center, says Lettman, as the sun in sensual Taurus moves through your fifth house of pleasure and play. If you're single, you may also be motivated to start dating someone new who has the potential to be a serious partner, she adds—so, if you have any first dates on the docket, keep an eye out for keepers.


The energy of the sun in Taurus won't hit you as intensely as that of Pluto retrograding in your sign, Aquarius. This planetary transit could cause you to consider whether you're really hitting all the targets you've set for yourself and getting what you need to live the life you want, says Lettman. Though things may feel a bit existential, this kind of big-picture pondering likely isn't too foreign for you—and if you lean into it, you might just learn something from it.


The emotional waves of the eclipses this Taurus season could have you very in your feelings, Pisces. But while you're typically a great judge of your own emotions as an empathic water sign, you may struggle to communicate them to those around you; after all, Mercury retrograde in Taurus falls squarely in your third house of communication and information, making things in that realm feel wonky. As a result, beware that your words and feelings might not be fully reflective of each other.

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