Tavi Gevinson’s Morning Habit Is Seriously Brilliant (and Mood-Boosting)

Photo: Instagram/@tavitulle
Be honest: Do you reach for your phone the second you wake up to catch up on emails, news, and Instagram? I know, all of the wellness influencers these days talk about how they're not doing that anymore because it's a "bad habit," but it's definitely one that's hard to cut (I'm guilty).

Even Tavi Gevinson, the precocious editor-in-chief of the teen mag Rookie, struggles with phone detachment. "My alarm is set for 8 a.m., and I do have the horrible habit of reaching for my phone immediately," she reveals to The Cut. Then she realized that she could be more productive with that habit and use it for the better.

Her trick? Grabbing her phone, but first making a gratitude list. "What I've been trying to do lately is write down five things I'm grateful for that morning in my notes app," Gevinson says. "It's a mental health thing."

She's onto something: Mindfully acknowledging what you're grateful for scientifically makes you happier. Gevinson made the swap from scrolling Twitter first thing to doing something that makes her aware of the good things she has going on—which is totally brilliant. And totally easy to copy.

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