Healthy Holiday Gift Guide: Digital Gems for the Tech-Y Trendsetter in Your Life

We all know that person—they had an Away suitcase before it even came in millennial pink, they've been telling you to get a Fitbit since the dawn of wearable tech, and they always seem to be just one step (okay many steps) ahead of you when it comes to gadgets. So, it may seem almost impossible to shop for this person. How can you pick out something for them when they're usually schooling you on what's hip and new?

Well, Well+Good's editors are here to help. Check out all the high-tech goodness below that will bring you gifting ease and your recipient sheer enjoyment.

Scroll through our tech gift guide below.

LifeBeam Vi A.I. Fitness Tracker, $180

Not everyone can commit to a personal trainer and their accompanying cancellation policies, which is where this gift comes in. The fitness tracker solves that issue by putting an AI trainer right in your phone; the virtual assistant motivates and coaches you through your workout.

DeepLee Mini Projector, $50

A projector transforms any space into a loft or a hygge-filled, cozy sanctuary. The person to whom you gift this will use it for binge-watching Arrested Development, sharing photos from their recent trip to Bali, and hosting awesome women's circles.


Fitbit Ionic, $270

The latest Fitbit looks sleek with a wider monitor, and it's super fitness-focused too. Perfect for that friend who's obsessed with counting their steps and measuring their heart rate, the new version has a "pay" feature, which allows the lucky giftee to go for a run without stuffing a wad of cash into their sports bra.

Nayoya Wellness Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set, $40

The way the nine-to-five grind works, everyone could use a little at-home (or at-work) acupressure to ease their lumbar pain.

Eight Sleep Tracker, $299

Conflicting sleep habits can put some serious strain on a relationship—we *all* know that. This new-age smart-sleep device will track your sleep and can also set different temperatures for each side of the bed. Bliss.

Beauty Bioscience GloPro Microneedling Regeneration Tool, $199

With so many cutting-edge skin-care tools from which to choose, it can be intimidating to navigate that scene, but this spiky roller does it all (or at least the important stuff). You'll be gifting a device that improves collagen production, reduces fine lines, and helps fade acne scars and discoloration. All in one.

Spacemasks Self Heating Eye Mask, $24

Whats better than drifting off to sleep with a heated silk eye mask that's sprinkled with jasmine essence and iron particles to ensure you wake up with zero eye strain? Nothing—and your friend on the receiving end will surely agree.

AromaTime Alarm Clock Diffuser, $46

The right essential oil blend can do just about everything. Why not start off someone's morning with a wake-up call that includes the fragrant release of grapefruit or lavender? I'm getting myself one, too!

Nest Cam IQ Indoor, $299

The Nest Cam is great for popping in to just check on what's going down at home—i.e., perfect for the nervous dog parent or that person who is always sure they've left the oven on.

PopSockets, $10

In need of a stocking stuffer or smaller gift gift? You've probably already seen PopSockets on the back of hefty-for-your-hands phones. It's the protruding (and cute!) circle that helps to alleviate iPhone finger cramps.

Amazon Echo Show, $150

This update on Amazon's Echo includes the classic Alexa audio companion as well as a screen to add a visual-stimulation boost; it's perfect for the visual learner.

Skulpt Scanner, $99

Simply measuring weight doesn't offer an accurate metric of health or fitness or track the efficacy of your diet. But this device offers more insightful breakdowns and details, like your body-fat percentage and muscle mass.

Umoro Shaker, $19

Protein shakers are not the most ergonomic of contraptions; they can be bulky and space-consuming and often don't even account for the supplements you'd like to add in to your creation (but are stuck toting around in loose baggies). But this update has a compartment that stores the supplements, allowing you to use the receptacle as a water bottle and a drink shaker in one.

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