61 Best Tech Gifts for Women That Make Life *So* Much Better

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Listen, you can't go wrong with a tech gift. With everyone's fast-paced schedules, and a large majority of our day-to-day communication and entertainment living entirely on our screens, it's likely that there's a gadget that'll help streamline her life. Whether it's a innovative fitness tracker that allows them to count their steps and monitor their sleep activity, or a Bluetooth speaker the can play Beyonce's "Cuff It" at 80db (the sound equivalent of a lawnmower), you can always find a tech gadget that can help make life a little easier and more enjoyable).

Whether you're shopping for your wife, girlfriend, sister, friend, or neighbor, we've got the perfect tech gift recommendations for all needs (and at all price points). But if you're having some difficulty narrowing down some top choices, fear not! Below we've compiled some cool and practical tech gadgets and tools she'll be excited to get this holiday season.

Best tech gifts for her

phonesoap uv cell phone sanitizer
PhoneSoap, PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer — $56.00

Originally $60, now $56

Keep your phone and other small items free of bacteria with this handy sanitizing device. It’s designed to kill 99.9 percent of the bacteria on your phone and anything else you can fit inside, including your wallet, keys, or headphones. All you have to do is plug it in, place your phone inside, close the lid and remove after 10 minutes, and you’re good to go, germ-free.

tile mate 2022
Tile Mate, Bluetooth Tracker (2-Pack) — $48.00

If your partner often misplaces their keys at the last minute, this Bluetooth tracking device can help them locate them within seconds. Just stick one of the Tile Mates on their keys or any other personal item they don’t want to lose, and use the Tile app to reveal their location. It can spot any of their belongings within 250 feet away.

Beautyrest, Heated Oversized Faux Fur Throw — $79.00

As the temperatures begin to drop, take off some of the chill with this snuggle-worthy heated blanket. It’s super lightweight at just 4.5 pounds, and comes with three different heating settings to keep you nice and toasty. Plus, the faux fur material is soft to the touch and provides an added layer of warmth during the coldest of nights.

Nutribullet, 600W Personal Blender — $80.00

If she loves to whip up a quick smoothie after her HIIT workout, this Nutribullet blender is here to the rescue. Though compact in its size, it makes up for it in power, thanks to a 600W motor base and extractor blade that can finely dice and slice her fruits and veggies to create one heck of a smooth mix.

rocketbook notebook
Rocketbook, Smart Reusable Notebook — $17.00

Originally $30, now $17

Step up your note-taking process with this Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook. The 36-page dotted grid notebook can be used repeatedly by wiping clean with a damp cloth. Plus, you can save what you’ve written and send your notes to your Google drive by syncing the device with the Rocketbook app. Just make sure to allow 15 seconds for the ink to dry before you completely erase your writing.

Cooluli Mini Beauty Refrigerator
Cooluli, Mini Beauty Refrigerator — $60.00

Though they’re not absolutely necessary for a healthy skin-care regimen, beauty fridges like this one are able to help chill your products at the right temperature so that the ingredients inside can be more stable and produce a more smoothing effect upon application.

fitbit versa 2
Fitbit, Versa 2 — $141.00

Originally $150, now $143

What stands out about the Fitbit Versa 2 is its superb versatility. While it’s a sleek watch on the outside, it’s basically a little handheld personal trainer, coach and phone all wrapped into one. The device allows you to track your exercises, set, and record your fitness goals, and analyze your sleep patterns. Additionally, you can send text messages, make phone calls and quick replies on-the-go, so you always be in contact with everyone.

himalayan glow lamp
Himalayan Glow, Salt Table Lamp Natural — $25.00

Power down for bed next to this Himalayan Glow Salt Table Lamp. Its gentle amber lighting creates a soothing environment to help you unwind and relax when it’s time to take a beat or get some shut eye.

waterpik 2
Waterpik, Cordless Advanced Water Flosser — $78.00

Originally $100, now $80

While a water flosser doesn’t replace traditional flossing, it can totally help level up your dental hygiene. This particular Waterpik allows you to clean along your gumline to remove excess plaque and hidden food particles without applying a lot of pressure, which is perfect for those with sensitive gums. Additionally, this one comes with a special plaque removal cleaning tip and a travel bag for safe storage.

ember temperature control smart mug
Ember, Temperature Control Smart Mug — $130.00

Keep your coffee and tea at the exact temperature you want with this Ember smart mug. You can control how hot you want your cup of joe to be at breakfast with just the press of a button from your phone. The mug then lights up to show you when the optimal temperature has been reached so you can drink up.

Solawave, Advanced Skincare Wand with Red Light Therapy
Solawave, Advanced Skincare Wand with Red Light Therapy — $149.00

No time to get a facial? No worries. This Solawave Advanced Skincare Wand can help give you in-office-like results. The device uses a powerful combination of microcurrent technology, red light therapy, facial massage, and therapeutic warmth to help reduce: the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, blemishes, and dark spots all in one go.

Sony, WHCH710N Noise Cancelling Headphones — $148.00

For ultimate peace and quiet while working at the office or at home, these Sony noise-cancelling headphones are a real work of art. They last up to a whopping 35 hours after a single charge and fit comfortably around your ears, thanks to the adjustable cushioned cups.

dame arc vibrator 2
Dame, Arc G-Spot Vibrator — $115.00

This one really depends on your relationship, but if it’s applicable (and appropriate), we highly recommend giving her a new vibrator—ya really can’t go wrong. The best-selling Dame Arc G-Spot vibrator is made with waterproof, buttery silicone, so you can take it in the bath or shower if you so please. This powerful little toy is designed to ratchet up your orgasm (with or without your partner) using five intensity settings and patterns.

dagne dover
Dagne Dover, Arlo Tech Organizer — $70.00

If you don’t want to crowd the space in your purse with your phone charger and headphones, throw them into this Arlo Tech Organizer. Its Airmesh pockets are the perfect place to store your cords, hard drives, small tablets and other tech essentials. And if you need some space for your makeup, the extra slip pocket on the outside is the perfect place to put your favorite lip gloss and blush, too.

kintion makeup mirror
Kintion, Lighted Makeup Mirror — $20.00

For the days when you need to do your makeup away from home, this rechargeable Kintion mirror can help you complete your glam look. The key is you can adjust the mirror’s brightness with the touch of your finger and zoom in on your face up to 10 times to really perfect that eyeliner application.

asrmo diffuser
Asrmo, Essential Oil Diffuser — $40.00

Bring home the calming environment of a spa with this AsrmoEssential Oil Diffuser. Unlike some diffusers, this device stays on up to 12 hours after just one fill and operates in whisper mode most of the time, so you won’t even know it’s on.



cashmere gloves
Nordstrom, Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves — $99.00

Don’t you hate when you have to take off your gloves in the cold just to slide open your phone to answer a text? Well, you don’t have to worry about freezing your hands off anymore to do that. In addition to keeping your hands warm with cashmere lining, these gloves also allow you to text with them on so you can save yourself a chill.

Axuan Hair Dryer Holder wall
Axuan, Hair Dryer Holder — $19.00

Made of strong aluminum material, this wall-mounted hair dryer holder has three sections to help you clear out some space in your bathroom drawer. This includes two holders for a hairdryer and a flat iron, plus an extra metal cup to organize all your hair styling tools, combs, and brushes.

Aerogarden, Sprout with Gourmet Herbs Seed Pod Kit — $80.00

If you don’t have the space to plant some of your favorite veggies in your backyard patio, you can still get your green thumb on with this Aerogarden device. This indoor garden allows you to grow up to three plants at a time and includes seed pods for genovese basil, curly parsley, and dill.

Dreamegg D1 Sound Machine — $36.00

Drift peacefully into sleep with the calming sounds of this Dreamegg D1 Sound Machine. Whether you like the consistent hum of a fan or the gentleness of the waves crashing into sea, there is a soothing white noise sound for every kind of sleeper to doze off to. Even better, the device keeps record of your favorite settings and lasts up to 90 minutes at a time.

Dyson, Supersonic™ Hair Dryer
Dyson, Supersonic™ Hair Dryer — $430.00

When it comes to powerful hair tools, it doesn’t get any better than this Super Supersonic™ Hair Dryer. Though pricey at $430 a pop, it’s one that’s worth every penny. This mainly has to do with its high-tech design, which is made to protect your hair from excessive heat damage while increasing your hair’s smoothness by “75 percent,” according to the brand. With it, flyaways are kept to a minimum and your hair looks like it got the professional blowout treatment every day.

anker portable charger
Anker PowerCore 20,100mAh Portable Charger — $54.00

It’s always scary seeing the one percent battery sign on your phone while you’re out. But with this Anker charger power bank, you can rest easy on the days when you’re out boogieing on the town all night—or traveling all day without an outlet in sight. Use it to power all your devices (just make sure to keep it charged as well).

higherdose blanket, beat at home infrared saunas
HigherDose, Infrared Sauna Blanket — $599.00

Consider this a big heating pad for your body. It’s actually an infrared sauna, but portable. It works by increasing the body’s thermal energy and blood circulation to your muscles to help promote relaxation and tension relief—similar to a traditional sauna. All you need to do is get in, zip up, make sure it’s set at a heat setting you can handle, and that’s it! Spend however long you need in the blanket sweating it out.

ororo heated jacket
Ororo Heated Jacket — $140.00

Originally $190, now $140

No matter if you get cold easily or live in a chilly climate, this heated jacket is made to keep you toasty without having to throw on so many layers. Though the fleece fabric is pretty lightweight, you can expect this jacket to feel like a warm hug because of the special heating fibers weaved throughout the material. It also heats up within seconds and comes with a handy USB port inside for you to charge your phone as you endure the windchill.

Warby Parker bluelight glasses
Warby Parker, Esme Bluelight Glasses — from $95

In addition to reducing your screen time, you may want to throw on a pair of blue light glasses as part of your work routine to give your eyes a break. Though there’s little evidence to support blue light glasses reduce eye strain and eye fatigue, they are effective at reducing the amount of blue light, which is something that could potentially lead to vision problems in time with too much exposure, according to UC Davis Eye Center.

These ones from Warby Parker come in three styles, including this sleek tortoise shell design.

doss bluetooth speaker
Doss, Bluetooth Speaker — $35.00

Enjoy being your own DJ with this Doss Bluetooth speaker. It allows you to jam out to up to 20 hours of your favorite music and fast forward tracks with its touch control system.

frameo smart picture frame
Frameo, 10.1 Inch Smart WiFi Digital Photo Frame — $99.00

If you need a little reminder of your summer vacation to Tulum, relive the fun you had with your loved ones with this digital photo frame. You can upload photos from your phone and send it to the frame to be displayed in real time using the Frameo app. Plus, there’s also an option to include captions if you want to liven up the post when you send it to friends and family.

Victrola, Eastwood Bluetooth Record Player
Victrola, Eastwood Bluetooth Record Player — $149.00

Hear us out: While it may be older tech, it’s still tech. According to most audiophiles, music sounds a lot better when it’s played on vinyl. There’s something about the grooves on the album that allow the music to sound richer and less compressed than in a digital format. And for those who agree and love to spin records, this Victrola Eastwood Bluetooth Record Player will be an upgrade to your makeshift music studio. It’s super sleek and comes with built-in speakers to help amplify your favorite tunes. The design is also pretty modern, allowing you to connect to your Spotify playlist through Bluetooth.

oral-b 7500 electric toothbrush
Oral-B, 7500 Electric Toothbrush — $100.00

Originally $135, now $100

This toothbrush pretty much takes all the guesswork out of brushing your teeth. It comes with five different cleaning modes including: daily cleaning, gum care, sensitive, whitening, and pro clean to cover all your bases. Additionally, it alerts you when it’s time to switch brush positions, so you always get a thorough and accurate cleanse from top to bottom.

kindle paperwhite
Kindle Paperwhite (8 GB) — $140.00

This 2022 version of the Kindle Paperwhite is a dream come true for those with sensitive eyes. The device now features a wider 6.8-inch display and an adjustable warm light that shifts the screen shade from white to a light amber. Not to mention, one charge lasts up to 10 weeks, so you’re good to bring it with you over the holidays. And when you choose Kindle Unlimited, you get access to thousands of book titles and audiobooks to read at your leisure.

inbox zero standing desk
Inbox Zero, Gallenz Height Adjustable Standing Desk — $212.00

Originally $241, now $212

Now that working remotely has become a semi-permanent part of work culture, upgrade your home office with this Inbox Zero Standing desk. Its clean lines and simple design are great for creating a de-cluttered work environment.

Vanity Planet, Facial Steamer
Vanity Planet, Facial Steamer — $50.00

If you want to help your moisturizer and overnight mask penetrate a little deeper into your skin, try introducing a facial steamer into your beauty regimen. The steam allows your pores to open up, so that your skin can better receive the ingredients from your skin-care treatments. This one from Vanity Planet can store up to 85 ml. of water, which is more than enough a few sessions at a time. The brand also recommends steaming your face no more than three times a week and for 15 minutes, tops.

De'Longhi, Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee Maker & Espresso Machine — $170.00

Coffee lovers can rejoice in the morning, thanks to this De’Longhi, Nespresso Vertuo Plus Coffee Maker and Espresso Machine. All you have to do is pop a Nespresso capsule inside and wait for your latte to brew. As a bonus, the water tank easily swivels out of the way when you’re finished to create more countertop space.

canon ivy mini photo printer
Canon, Ivy Mini Photo Printer — $90.00

Originally $144, now $90

While physical photos may not be as common anymore, they’re never out of style. And if you want to take those Instagram photos and turn them into actual hard copies, this Canon printer allows you to do just that. The device prints 2×3-inch glossy photos with a sticky backing for you to plop onto a scrapbook or give to a friend.

Rifle Paper Co. Case
Rifle Paper Co., Rifle Paper Co. Case — $25.00

For AirPod users who need a new place to store their ear phones, look no further than this cutesy Rifle Paper Co. case. The silicone ring allows you to attach it to your keychain for easy access and loss prevention. But note, this device is only compatible with AirPods 1st and 2nd Gen models.

fujifilm instax mini camera
Fujifilm, Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera — $74.00

If you want to create some handheld memories over the holidays, this Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera will be great to whip out at your next party. Similar to the old Polaroid cameras of the ’90s, this Fujifilm cam uses film to capture life’s most fun moments. Plus, there’s even a little mirror on the front to better line up your shot as you take a selfie.

le creuset cool tool
Le Creuset, Cool Tool — $20.00

For the person who’s always at the kitchen and could use an extra hand when the pies are done, this Cool Tool is here to the rescue. Made of durable silicone that can resist up to 482 degrees, this handy little tool serves as a potholder and second space to place your fresh baked goods and hot pans.

PopWallet+ for MagSafe Blush Pink
PopWallet+ — $40.00

If you want to ditch your purse and just take your phone and ID with you on your run, this PopWallet+ has got you covered. Not only does it come with its own PopSocket to better help you square up your group selfies, but it also has a slot for you to carry up to six different cards.

Trova, Go
Trova, Go — $199.00

This small little chest is pretty much like your own personal safe. It safeguards your most treasured small possessions, like a wedding ring or Apple Watch. The device can be locked and unlocked via Bluetooth and can alert you of its last known location. But the more impressive feature by far is that “tamper proof” option, which lets you know when the box was last opened.

Clare V laptop bag
Clare V., Laptop Case — $155.00

If you want a laptop case that doesn’t really look like a laptop case, consider taking this one from Clare V. to the office. The inside pocket can hold up to a 14-inch laptop, plus a few other personal trinkets, like your lip balm and keys. Its quilted design makes it super durable and supportive for your laptop.

therabody mini
Therabody, Theragun mini — $179.00

Originally $199, now $179

As far as massage guns go, Therabody is both an athlete- and fan-favorite. And for good reason. The power and precision of its machines really set the bar in percussive therapy, which uses succinct vibrations and pressure to release muscle tension, stiffness, and soreness throughout your body. The Theragun mini is no exception. It’s compact but equipped with all the force the Thergun is known for with a QX35 Motor that can help reduce cramps and other muscle ailments.


hidrate spark
Hidrate Spark, 3 Smart Water Bottle — $55.00

Need some help drinking enough water throughout the day? Let the Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle remind you of when it’s time to take the big gulp. Once you sync the bottle to your phone, it will light up at the proper time to tell you when it’s time to take a water break.

NuFACE® Mini Starter Kit — $209.00

For those who can’t make it to an aesthetician every month, this NuFace device is the next best thing to getting some pro treatment. Like the Solawave device, it gets its power from microcurrent technology, which is the process of sending tiny electrical currents into your skin to help lift and firm your facial muscles. In fact, it’s so good that celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Miranda Kerr swear by it.

Hinyx charger
Hinyx, 2-in-1 Wireless Charger — $32.00

Unlike some charging pads, this wireless charger can power up phones without you having to take off your phone case. All you have to do is place your phone or Apple Watch on the pad, and you’re good to go.

instant air fryer
Instant, Omni Plus 19 QT/18L Air Fryer Toaster — $235.00

It’s no secret that air fryers are VIPs in the kitchen, and this one is that comes highly recommended by author of The Instant Kitchen Cookbook, Coco Morante. In addition to baking, roasting, broiling and toasting, this device also comes with a rotisserie feature that allows you to self-bast and tumble-fry whatever your heart desires.

mecity electric gooseneck kettle
Mecity, Electric Gooseneck Kettle — $70.00

Originally $100, now $70

This electric water boiler heats up in a jiffy thanks to the 1200W-power base. The stainless steel also makes it super durable and easy to maintain boil after boil. Plus, the advanced thermostat and 2.0-inch LCD display alerts you of the exact boiling temperature and heating status in real time.


lululemon mirror studio
lululemon Studio Mirror — $795.00

Originally $1,495, now $795

If you’re like me and still sticking to the comfort of your home gym, the lululemon Studio Mirror can help bring the outside world of workouts to you. It allows you to take hundreds of fitness classes from personal trainers via the lululemon Studio Membership. Just keep in mind, a monthly subscription is sold separately, but retails at $39 a month and begins automatically as soon as your device gets delivered.

Casetify, Color Cloud: A New Thing Is On The Way by Jessica Poundston — $88.00

Anyone in need of a good stocking stuffer? Try one of the most durable cases on market. This one and many of the brand’s cases are made with a two-layer qitech™ material that allows for maximum shock absorption.

babyexo space heater
BabyExo Space Heater — $35.00

You can’t always count on indoor heating to be the exact temperature you want. So, if you find yourself in a chilly office having to double up on layers, take this cute retro BabyExo Space Heater to keep your personal space extra toasty. It comes with three heating settings and has an auto shut-off feature for extra caution.

BabylissPRO Nano Titanium 1" Digital Straightener — $85.00

Originally $100, now $85

This hairstylist-approved flat iron is the perfect accessory to have on hand during silk-press season. The one-inch plates are super lightweight and pass through your hair seamlessly, thanks to the Nano Titanium technology that leaves even the thickest and and curliest of locks silky and shiny.

Vankyo projector
Vankyo, Leisure E30TBS Wireless Native 1080P HD Projector — $190.00

What makes this projector such a shopper-favorite isn’t just the crisp 1080p picture quality. It’s also the 120-inch projector screen that’s included, which is the basically the closet thing you’ll get to an IMAX theater in your home on a budget. As one Best Buy reviewer writes: “My first projector and it’s awesome. I’m getting speakers to attach to it, and it’s huge. [It] fits my whole living room wall. It’s cheaper than a full size TV.”

buttah skin
The Buttah Skin, The Buttah Vibe Brush Facial Cleansing Device — $39.00

If you’re looking to deeply cleanse your face from the inside out, this Buttah Vibe Facial device will help get the job done. It uses sonic pulsation to deliver up to 10,000 pulses and vibrations per minute to slough off dead skin cells. Just take a bit of your cleanser, place it on the tip of the silicone brush, and begin to move it an upward motion on the surface of your skin for about two minutes. Afterward, your skin should feel baby soft and totally refreshed.

ray ban glasses
Ray-Ban Stories Wayfarer — $329.00

Leave it to Ray Ban and Meta to join forces to make something cool and innovative. These Ray-Ban Stories glasses allow your eyes to act as your own camera phone. The lenses of the glasses actually capture and record whatever you using a button on the side of the frames. Afterward, you then can view your images and videos via the Facebook View app.

echo dot
Amazon, Echo Dot (5th Gen) — $60.00

One minute it’s a Bluetooth speaker, another minute it’s your voice assistant giving you the rundown of the news for the week. That’s everything you can expect with this new version of the Echo Dot, plus a few new features. For example, it includes a new LED front display that shows the time, weather, and the name of your favorite song titles.

Revlon, One-Step Volumizer Original 1.0 Hair Dryer — $33.00

Originally $40, now $33

If you’re looking for a more wallet-friendly hair dryer that will give your mane some volume, you can’t go wrong with this two-in-one hair dryer brush. It has over 37,000 five-star reviews, with some Amazon shoppers even vouching for it over a Dyson because of its ability to work through thick hair textures without much snagging.

One Amazon review writes: “I have thick shoulder length hair and it requires a lot of work to get it straight. With that said, I first blew it quick with my regular dryer for about a minute. Then I used the Revlon dryer on low heat was hot enough. The cool setting wasn’t cool though, just warm. This is going to save so much time and I am thrilled I made this purchase. I can’t imagine the Dyson dryer is as great as this tool.”

Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger
Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger — $100.00

When you can’t be with your partner, show them that you’re thinking of them 24/7 with this interactive messenger box. Send a cute love note from your phone via the corresponding app and the heart on the box will begin to continue to spin as an alarm to let your loved one know they received a message.

Garmin, Venu® Sq 2 GPS Smartwatch — $250.00

If she’s not an Apple user but could use a new smartwatch, we highly recommend the Garmin Venu—especially if she likes to keep track of her fitness. Highlights include 11 (!!!) days of battery life, simple ways to track body energy levels, sleep score, respiration, hydration levels, heart health and rate, and more. Use this as a phone (call and text friends, pay contact-free, listen to music, etc.), too—it has it all. As a bonus, it already includes free workouts (in cardio, HIIT, Pilates, yoga, and more) she can take advantage of. You can use Garmin even if you do have other Apple products—it’s compatible with everything.

Work from home set
Uncommon Goods, Work From Home Gift Set — $89.00

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s made a gaffe on Zoom and didn’t mute myself when someone else was talking in a meeting. And to make sure that never happens again, this WFH set comes with a mute button that connects to your computer and lights up whenever you are for sure on mute. And as the cherry on top, you even get a coffee mug and a card deck with tips on how to better communicate on a conference call.

usb lighter
The USB Lighter Company, Electric Lighter — $45.00

Oprah’s List of Favorite Things just dropped, and this item definitely piqued our interest. It’s basically the Swiss Army Knife of lighters because of its dual functionality. Use it to light your favorite candle or as a mini flashlight to help you feel your way in the dark.

Beats, Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones — $180.00

Originally $250, now $180

You don’t have to worry about these earbuds falling out when you run, unlike some wireless headphones. They have a flexible ear hook that wraps around your ear and stays put as you’re on-the-go. Plus, they charge super fast. Just a five-minute charge gives you 1.5 hours of battery life!

selfie light stand
Uncommon Goods, Live Streaming Selfie Light — $25.00

Whether you’re presenting on a conference call or FaceTiming your family back home, this clip-on tripod allows you to have an eye-level shot whenever you need it. You can bend the spine to whatever angle you need for better alignment. And as a bonus, it comes with a selfie light to give you a radiant glow.

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