If You Have Fine Hair That Always Slips Out of the Bun While Working Out, You Absolutely Need This Hair Clip

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Since Teleties were first introduced in 2017, the world has been enamored with the quirky, coiled hair ties. And for good reason! The plastic spiral hair ties are said to be more hygienic since they can’t absorb sweat and bacteria, and they’re more forgiving on hair since they’re less likely to pull or crease strands in the process. And that’s essentially why Teleties have become a staple among the fitness community, beloved by yoga instructors, runners, and generally active folks, according to the more than 11,000 five-star Amazon reviews.

As popular as they are, though, as someone with very fine hair, I’ve generally found that the hair ties, no matter the size, eventually fall down or slip out. As such, I’ve always relied on my tried-and-true elastics, the Goody Forever Ouchless Elastic Hair Ties ($4). But, after noticing that my hairline was looking a bit more sparse after wearing high ponytails and tight buns to Orangetheory three to five times a week for months on end, I figured it was time to switch things up. The only problem was, every claw clip I tried would also weigh down my hair and become super loose by the end of class. Until I discovered the new Teleties Hair Clips ($9-$15), that is.

On a random afternoon in July, I was sorting through products to test for work when I came across a box of claw clips from Teleties. My first thought was that I had no idea the brand had ventured out beyond hair ties. My second thought, after holding, opening and closing the firm but flexible clips, was that these clips truly do offer something new to the hair accessory space.

The Teleties Hair Clip is sold in three sizes: tiny (recommended for kids, fine hair, and half-up hairstyles), medium (recommended for medium-to-thick hair), and large (recommended for thick hair; check out these hair clips for thick hair). Size aside, the clips are beautifully and expertly designed. They feature hidden springs, a curved design that comfortably fits the natural shape of the back of the head, and, best of all, flexible teeth that allow the clip to move with your hair instead of against it, so it never pulls.

Since I was sent samples of each size, I was able to find my best fit. While the tiny hair clips are suggested for fine hair, since my hair is very long, I found that when twisted into a bun, the medium hair clip worked best for the purpose of updos and working out. (Though it’s worth mentioning, I love how the tiny clips work for holding up half-up parted styles, which is my other go-to look.) To fully put the medium clip to the test, I wore it to OTF—and it only took one class to prove just how special these clips are. (Spoil alert: It stayed put the entire time.)

teleties clip
Photo: Author

For those that don’t know, Orangetheory incorporates tread, rower, and floor blocks. While it’s not technically a HIIT class, it’s a circuit workout that’s as intense as you make it. As impressed as I was with the Teleties Hair Clip’s ability to stay put in a single class, knowing that each class is different, I wanted to put it further to the test, so I’ve worn it exclusively to OTF since the end of July, to a total of 43 classes.

I’ve worn it while performing high-intensity exercises like jump squats, bench hop overs, burpees, push-pace intervals, and all-out sprints. Throughout each of the movements—which in the past have caused other clips to fall out or my hair tie to slack—the clip largely stayed in place. The only time that it budged on its own was when running during Catch Me If You Can and the 12-Minute Run for Distance, both of which are specialty workouts that center around nonstop running for 12-plus minutes.

For me, that meant running between 6.5 to 7 miles per hour for 12 minutes straight. For a claw clip to only slightly loosen its grip during that time, I remain highly impressed. (It’s worth noting: I do remove the clip during lying ab exercises, as it’s uncomfortable to try to lay flat with my head on the floor while it’s in.)

Suffice to say, if your goal is to run a quick 10K, half marathon, or marathon, no, a claw clip may not be your best bet. However, if your goal is to find a sturdy hair accessory that can withstand the demands of boutique fitness classes, like OTF, Barry’s, Rumble, Y7, [solidcore], or Peloton, then trust me, it’s time to add a few Teleties Hair Clips to your cart. You can also check out these hair clips for thin hair.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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