This Cult-Fave Polish Brand Is Coming to Target, so I’d Better Learn How to Paint My Own Nails

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I could write a master's thesis on all of the beauty brands worth buying at Target right now. Love Beauty and Planet! W3ll People! Shea Moisture! Plus, all of those great aluminum-free deodorants are making clean personal care way more accessible. Clearly, there's good reason why it's literally impossible to walk out of there without, like, 5 new skin-care products and at least 3 bath bombs (even if you don't have a bath tub). And now, cult-fave nail brand Tenoverten going to be hitting the shelves at the Bullseye.

The brand started as a single salon in Tribeca, New York, which was meant to provide guests with a safe, comfortable place to get their nails done with polishes that weren't packed with toxic chemicals. But after a year, founders Nadine Abramcyk, Jaclyn Ferber, and Adair Ilyinsky, saw the need to bring their mission to a wider audience, and in addition to launching 5 other salons in New York, Los Angeles, and Austin, they also decided to launch their own line of nail-care products.

Now, in addition to being lauded for their zen AF city oases, Tenoverten is also known for its 8-free polishes, 24 of which will be coming to Target this month. And they only cost $12! In addition to the polish, Target will also carry several of the brand's "Conscious Nail Care" items, including a strengthening base coat, a nourishing cuticle oil, and quick-drying drops that will help cut down on the time you have to stare at your hands doing nothing while you're waiting for your DIY mani to dry.

"Our priority has long to been to get safer nail care into the homes of as many people as possible, and we are thrilled with the opportunity to partner with Target to affect positive change in people’s daily routines,” Abramcyk said in a press release. “While many people shop beauty online or in their local salons, we've found many who are looking for safer, better-for-you beauty options to be readily available, along with other personal care and household needs. We are excited by Target's ability to deliver our message of conscious nail care in this type of convenience driven shopping environment.”

Tenoverten's nail-care products are on-sale now at, and by the end of the month, expect to see the polishes online and in-store at 800 locations in 49 states. Now, you just have to learn how to master the art of painting your nails without smudging them (and sitting still for long enough so that they actually dry), and you'll be able to get the full Tenoverten experience at home.

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