Tevas Are the Only Sandal You’ll Want to Wear to Hit Your Daily 10,000 Steps This Summer

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ICYMI: Tevas are having a moment.

Your favorite summer camp sandal is back in a big way. "Wow, Tevas Got Cute," declared a headline in The New York Times style section last month, and TBH, they're right. The comfy shoe has seriously stepped up its style game of late, by way of partnerships with brands like Opening Ceremony, Anna Sui, and Outdoor Voices (the last of which sold out long before I could personally get my hands on them, which I am still salty about). Gucci even seemed to use the iconic style as inspiration for their latest shoe collection (which, at $740 a pop, are laughably more expensive than the original version). Just last night at an event, a group of editors and I stood around debating which of the Tevas on the market right now deserve to be deemed "the absolute cutest," and there are so many options we simply couldn't decide on a clear winner.

Experts In This Article

In addition to being chic AF (a sentence I truly never thought I would write about Tevas, but am now wholeheartedly on-board with), Tevas also happen to be great for clocking those 10,000 steps. Unlike their foot-unfriendly cousin, the flip-flop, they offer enough support for you to walk around 'in em all day long... without messing with your feet, back, and body.

“When a patient comes in wearing a Teva, I give them a big thumbs up," says podiatrist Doug Tumen, DPM, FACFAS. "Whether on the beach or hiking or just everyday wear, they offer great comfort, quality support and cushioning, excellent traction, and even provide an anti-microbial foot bed. A great choice for a summer or year-round sandal.” His glowing review makes sense: Tevas were initially invented for hiking (AKA walking around), and now it just so happens that it's considered super stylish to pair them with a midi-skirt/jean shorts/sundress/everything else you're going to be wearing this summer.

Don't believe me? Please allow these nine pairs to change your mind.


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