Millions of People in Texas Are Still Without Power—Here’s How You Can Help

As winter storms tear through the country, millions of people have been left without power and access to clean water for days. States like Texas are experiencing conditions that they're unequipped to handle, leaving residents cold, in the dark, and in danger. A winter storm warning remains in effect in parts of the state through Thursday evening.

Texas' situation is particularly dire because it operates on its own power grid, which hasn't be winterized to withstand the current conditions. And inequalities in infrastructure have caused Black and brown communities to be hit the hardest by the power outages. Below-freezing temperatures have caused homeless shelters to be overwhelmed, putting homeless communities at great risk. And incarcerated people are without hot meals, clean water, and items like extra blankets.

If you're looking to help those suffering through these unprecedented weather conditions, there are many organizations collecting donations to house, feed, and otherwise support Texans in need. Below, you'll find 10 organizations accepting Texas winter storm donations.

10 organizations accepting Texas winter storm donations

1. The Austin Area Urban League

The Austin, Texas chapter of the Urban League has launched the #LoveThyNeighborTX campaign to raise money for hotel rooms, food, water, clothing, and more for housing insecure communities.

Donate now: The Austin Area Urban League

2. Feed The People Dallas

Feed The People Dallas is a Black-led, female-operated, and ally-funded collective providing mutual-aid to Black and POC communities throughout the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. During the storm, they've been collecting donations for unhoused and displaced community members.

Donate now: Feed The People Dallas

3. The Solid Ground Ministry

The Solid Ground Ministry has currently operating as a cold-weather shelter. Donations provide funds so those staying at the church can access showers and laundry services.

Donate now: The Solid Ground Ministry

4. CrowdSource Rescue

Founded in 2017, CrowdSource Rescue is a Texas disaster response non-profit that is providing generators, space heaters, and warm meals to those in need during the storm.

Donate now: CrowdSource Rescue

5. Texas Bail Project

Commissary donations provide funds for incarcerated people who need to purchase additional food from jail stores and for collect calls to family members.

Donate now: Texas Bail Project

6. Free Lunch

Meal support program and magazine Free Lunch is delivering soup to residents of the Esperanza Community, a state-sanctioned shelter/campsite in Austin Texas.

Donate now: Free Lunch

7. Para Mi Gente Mutual Aid

This San Antonio-based mutual aid group is distributing funds to cover health care needs, hotels/motels, groceries, and other needs.

Donate now: Venmo @pmgmutualaid; Cash App $pmgmutualaid

8. Austin Mutual Aid

Austin Mutual Aid is currently accepting donations through its "Kick the Cold" fundraiser to book hotels for unhoused people in Austin.

Donate now: Austin Mutual Aid

9. Sunrise Homeless Navigation Center

The Sunrise Homeless Navigation Center is accepting purchases for hats, gloves, hand warmers, socks, and other items to be distributed to people experiencing homelessness in Austin through an Amazon wishlist.

Donate now: Sunrise Homeless Navigation Center Wishlist

10. Austin Pets Alive!

This group is working to keep animals in Texas warm and safe during these below-freezing temperatures.

Donate now: Austin Pets Alive!

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