Your Stepparents? Your Siblings? Here’s the Perfect Gift for Each Type of Thanksgiving Host

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Picking out a Friendsgiving host gift is relatively easy—you basically just buy your party-throwing pal something that you would also love to receive. But the real-deal Thanksgiving event can be a little more complicated in the gifting department, if you want to keep your relationships healthy: What do you get for the folks who raised your significant other, your stepparents, your sibling, or your grandparents? Each host requires a different type of item.

I've found that picking out gifts for people you don't know is much easier than shopping for folks you know super well, so in the spirit of giving thanks (and the hope that you have a holiday full of Zen), I've made those tricky choices for you.

Keep scrolling to see the Thanksgiving host gifts.

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1. For your partner's parents: Michael Adam Enchanted Garden Servers, ($110)

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2. For your stepparents: Anna Karlin Studios Bedside Carafe, ($210)

Photo: ABC Home

3. For your grandparents: abcDNA Luminious Throw Emerald, ($595)

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4. For your sibling: Victrola Desktop Bluetooth Jukebox, ($100)

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