The Mood-Setting Thanksgiving Playlists for Cooking, Hosting, and Cleaning

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When it comes to kicking off the holiday season, perhaps nothing sets the mood better than music—you know, that perfect playlist that'll last you the entire day, month, or season. It's gotta strike the right balance though: a bit louder than ambient noise, but not so loud that you can't have a quality conversation while cooking, hosting, or eating.

Who better, then, to share the right songs to include than those who really know their way around the kitchen? Not a soul. In fact, it turns out that chefs have a little bit of DJ blood in them and know exactly what music will work for every occasion.  Take Well+Good Council members Candice Kumai, the rockstar health foodie who's all about that mindful life, and Lily Kunin, founder of Clean Food Dirty City as exhibit A. Both are not only brilliant in the kitchen, but they know how to fine-tune a playlist, too.

If you're looking for something to really get down to biz with, Kumai's songs are perfect when you're chopping, simmering, and prepping. When the whole gang comes over, bring out the apps and throw on Kunin's playlist. Hot tip: Her squash-and-ACV salad is the perfect addition to your Turkey Day. Just like these playlists, which you can listen to below.

Turn up the volume and listen to Candice and Lily's playlists below.

Candice's Thanksgiving Tunes

Lily's Thanksgiving Tunes

Now that you've got your music on lock, check out these recipes ideas for a healthy Thanksgiving or whip up this cold-weather cocktail and cozy up with a blanket, stat.

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