The 3-Minute Jump Rope Workout

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Now that you've learned how to master jumping rope (or at least avoid tripping every time the rope turns), you'll need this hard-hitting jump rope workout.

Designed by Aerospace founder and former champion boxer, Michael Olajide, you can use this set of drills and skills to build your stamina, and show the rope who's boss. Why are you getting so winded during it, you ask? Jumping rope is the equivalent of doing a 5.7-minute mile—a Cooper Institute Aerobic Test found that 10 minutes of jumping equals a 30-minute run. Seriously.

It makes a great three-minute warm up, or you can use it as part of an interval circuit. Just pick a favorite, motivating song that's about three minutes long, he says, and follow the workout for the duration of it.

A piece of advice: "You don’t need to jump on the beat. Just focus on one turn per jump at the beginning, and feeling the music,” says Olajade. "It's amazing conditioning work that’s about patience and repetition." (You're telling us.)

If you don't yet own a jump rope, we recommend this adjustable option: Limm Adjustable Jump Rope ($16), or this Goothdurs Speed Jump Rope ($25). For an added challenge, the N1Fit Weighted Jump Rope ($32) and Crossrope Weighted Jump Rope ($99) products bring extra weight to your jumping game. Or you can opt for a more technologically advanced option like the Soonhua Jump Rope ($17), which tracks your intervals, speed, and calories burned.

Want to set a spring fitness goal around it? Build your stamina to jump for 10 minutes.

The 3-Minute Jump Rope Workout

60 seconds: The basic jump  (You should feel it in your calves.)

30 seconds: The slow arrow jump
This is essentially a squat jump done to one slow turn of the rope. It should take twice as long to execute as the basic jump, Olajade explains. “The key is to keep the rope in perpetual motion. It’s a super-challenging, explosive muscle move that requires tons of power and control.” (You should feel it in your glutes and quads.)

60 seconds: Cross-over rope jump
For this jump that builds coordination, your hands travel in front of you, crossing just below the waist, then opening back up at the hips for every jump. Tip: When your forearms touch, you jump. (You should feel it in your calves, and your heart should be banging against your ribcage at this point.)

30 seconds: The double-turn
For this move, you’ll jump twice as high and stay airborne for two turns of the rope. To pull this off, you’ll have to turn your wrist super fast. “This is like a sprint. It takes you into an anaerobic zone and is a calorie incinerator,” says Olajide. Jump for 8 counts. Return to basic jump. Then try it again.

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