The 7 Craziest Things We’ve Ever Heard a Yoga Teacher Say

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Even the best teachers say things that make us roll our third eye. Read our examples, and share yours!

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Crazy things yoga teachers say: "You can even exhale out your toenails."

Sometimes, yoga teachers change your life when they weave in profound observations about life and love among chatarungas and headstands.

And sometimes, the things they say can make us roll our third eye.

After all, even the best of them can get caught up in the ethereal world of yogi wisdom, where the language of enlightenment falls off the cliff of reasonable advice (or reality).

Here, we share a hilarious collection of actual statements made by yoga teachers. We either heard them first hand in class, or one of our readers did. (We asked for comments on Facebook.)

Our intention, which we set while in hunched-over-computer pose, is just to lighten up a practice that often loses focus when we begin to take ourselves too seriously. Laughing at ourselves is totally yogic, right?

Here are the 7 craziest things we've ever heard a yoga teacher say:

1. If you feel nauseous after class, that’s totally normal.

2. Fold over and just let your brains spill out of your head.

3. I know the hammock is causing you a lot of pain as it digs into your back, but that’s just the toxins that are stored there being released.

4. There is the gradual release of density as the soul continues its journey lifetime after lifetime, continuing to release its density until we finally arrive completely absorbed in and inseparable from the absolute.

5. You should feel that sort of watery quality in your pelvis.

6. Let your exhalation leave your body through wherever it wants. You can even exhale out your toenails.

7. Only put gentle pressure on your liver.

We know you've heard some eyebrow-raising things from an instructor during yoga class. Share them in the Comments, below!

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