This Jacket Blocks Your Cell Service so You Can Truly Unplug When You’re Outdoors

Photo: AER; Graphic: Well+Good Creative
It can feel impossible to truly unplug these days without sending yourself to some far-flung destination selling restricted WiFi as a luxury. The internet is in your pocket until the day you die. Unless... Enter a new offering from The Arrivals called the AER Puffer, which is not only aesthetically enviable but also endowed with a surprising functionality: one of its pockets blocks all cellular, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, RFID and NFC, EMR, EMF and radiation signals.

If you're wondering, "but why," think about, say, a hike (aka a sometimes-uphill walk). You want to lose yourself in thought and appreciation for the majesty of nature (while it lasts!), but you also don't want to be SOL if you get lost, break an ankle, or get attacked by a mountain lion. In other words, you can't leave your phone in the car, but you also don't really want to die on—of all things—a hike.

The puffer marries form with function in other ways, too. It's water- and wind-repellent, has a removable suspender system, and can protect you when temperatures plummet below 30 degrees. (At that point, I feel like not wanting to freeze off your fingers is reason enough to keep your phone tucked away, but maybe that's just me.) It's also R.D.S. (Responsible Down Standard) certified, which means the goose down sourced for the jacket was done so humanely.

This holiday wishlist no-brainer comes in four colorways—navy, black, army green, and a sort of lime green. It's also offered in a cropped version and a vest version, though neither of those two styles features the fancy anti-tech pocket, so meh. (I kid—they're really cute, too!) If you'd rather slip on this multi-purpose coat than wait until you die to be free of the internet, you can buy it now at The Arrivals.

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