The Only Thing You’ll Want More Than an Avocado Pita After Watching This Vid Is to Be Bffs With Eden Grinshpan

James Corden belts out top radio hits with his famous guests, Jerry Seinfeld gets coffee in cars with his, and here at Well+Good, we like to do our interviews while the celebrity, healthy chef, or wellness luminary in the hot seat enjoys their favorite avocado dish for The Avocado Show.

The Avocado Show, Well+Good's new YouTube series, has arrived with chef and restauranteur Eden Grinshpan helping to kick things off. A total #girlboss, Grinshpan is co-founder and executive chef of Dez, a contemporary Middle Eastern fast-casual food joint that opened its doors last year in New York City. For the inaugural episode of The Avocado Show, Grinshpan  dishes details about her restaurant, her fitness routine, and the power of women-led businesses—all with an avocado pita in hand. (At Dez, the delicious avocado pita is made with Persian cucumber, radish, red onion, lemon vinaigrette, tahini, umbah, zhoug, and basil. Add a fried egg for a little extra protein.)

Grinshpan's Instagram followers love her down-to-earth approach to healthy eating, which is frequently injected with a healthy dose of humor. A native to Canada, Grinshpan satisfies her sweet tooth in a most Canadian way, hyping the country's stickiest export. "My love for maple syrup, I put it on a lot of food," she says. "Any excuse, if you need something sweet, it's just got such a beautiful [flavor]. When it's the right stuff—Canadian maple syrup, guys!"

We just have one question to leave you with: How many avocados have you had this week?

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