And the Best State for Women’s Equality Is…

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Dream of being a #girlboss? Well, the state where you live might determine how easily you reach that goal. Despite women making strides in fighting for equal pay and claiming leadership roles, some parts of the US are still a little behind the times.

WalletHub's analysts compared workplace environment, education and health, and political empowerment in each state, then evaluated those components based on a weighted metric scale. The result? A ranked list of states where you can unleash your badassery to its fullest potential (and, on the opposite end, the roundup of places where it may prove tougher to get ahead).

Photo: WalletHub

In first place for women's equality: Hawaii (so yes, you can get a side of drop-dead gorgeous waterfall hikes with your "future is female" vibe), followed by Nevada, Illinois, Minnesota, and Washington. Conversely, Virginia, Texas, South Carolina, and Georgia rounded out the bottom of the list, with Utah ranked dead last.

While some states ranked highly overall, some deserve some special recognition: Wyoming for example, showed the strongest rates for women nabbing executive positions, and Nevada has the smallest gap in political representation.

Even though this list gives you a better idea of where women are most likely to receive equal treatment, don't let where you live stop you from unleashing your confidence and taking your future into your own hands. The first woman president title is still up for grabs, after all.

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