This Is the One Couch That Looks Good in Any Room

Photo: Instagram/Interior Define
Investing in a sofa can be a daunting task. Whether you live in a teeny-tiny studio or a massive penthouse (in which case: jealous), your couch is not only where you'll spend the majority of your #netflixandchill time, it's also the main focal point of the room. So, while the sofa winds up being one of the pricier pieces of furniture in your home, it's also well-worth investing the time and money to find something you truly love.

Often, that means a stressful researching process that comes in the form of weekend trips to furniture stores, hours spent browsing the Internet and scouring Instagram, and (if you're anything like me) a restless night or two spent mulling over the decision. Who has the time or the stress threshold for it all?

In hopes of simplifying the process, I asked designer Carly Callahan of Callahan Interiors and a Homepolish designer, to select the one couch that works in any room." Her pick? The "Maxwell Sofa" from Interior Define (which was a collab between the brand and the founder of Apartment Therapy Maxwell Ryan, so you know it's good).

"It’s a great price point and has such a classic shape," she says of her selection, which comes in different colors and sizes (which is part of what makes it so versatile for any size of room). "The beauty of it is that there are tons of different fabric and leg options—you can even get a slipcover skirted version—that you can totally make it specific to your space and style, whether that's more traditional or contemporary leaning." And that level of customization means that it works in any room—seriously.

Keep scrolling to find out how to make it work in any space.

An itty-bitty living room

"In a smaller living room, I would do the 'apartment size' sofa in a bold fabric, like 'Mod Velvet in Citrine' and let the sofa really be the focal point," she says. "I would pair it with a natural fiber rug, such as jute, to contrast the velvet, and then I would layer on some patterned pillows for an eclectic vibe."

A studio apartment

"This sofa is perfect for a studio since it's great looking but also extremely comfortable," Callahan says of the Maxwell couch. She suggests trying it in a darker fabric such as "Mod Velvet in Quartz" since it likely will get a lot of use. "I would put two smaller 'X' benches in front of it (rather than a coffee table), so that you can still throw your feet up, but [so that you can also move the benches around] for extra seating, doing double-duty in your small space."

An extra-large living space

"In a larger living room I would do a pair of sofas and float them in the room across from one another for symmetry," Callahan says, noting that she'd select an earthier fabric like Linen in Pebble Weave.  "A neutral base on larger furniture pieces gives you lots of freedom to work with pretty much any other furniture pieces, fabric, or art that share the large room."

A bedroom

"I love dark walls in a bedroom and would put a rich tone fabric on the sofa to add to the moody vibe like 'Plush Sateen in Mustard,'" Callahan explains, sharing that she would also add a caramel-toned ottoman to complement the couch. "It would be the perfect tonal complement to the umber fabric on the sofa and a great addition in a bedroom seating area. I would pile on pillows and a fur throw to make it extra cozy!"

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