The Fitness Trainers Who Text You

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You thought it was nice when your trainer got you a clean towel? We talked to top trainers to find out the incredible lengths they go to for elite clients.

Will Torres and Lacey Stone
Trainers Will Torres and Lacey Stone both support clients with text messages to keep them on track.


Will Torres, one of New York City’s top fitness trainers, had a client who knew he had to cut back on alcohol in order to reach his fitness goals. “I told him he could have one glass of wine at night, and that’s it,” he says.

One Saturday evening, Torres texted the client. “I know you’re going for that second glass. Just one!” He didn’t get a response, but at their next personal training session, the client looked baffled. “How did you know?!” he asked.

This level of around-the-clock coaching and encouragement isn't because Torres is a control freak—it's become typical among elite trainers to go the extra mile for their top-dollar clients. “So many clients' schedules are really intense with traveling or work demands,” explains Torres. “I always make myself available to show them I’m committed to results.”

And texting is the tip of the iceberg.


Many trainers, especially in Hollywood, double as human alarm clocks, providing an in-person wake up call with a doorbell ring. Trainers are literally rousing clients from sleep in order to work out, explains celeb trainer Lacey Stone. Stone says Jennifer Garner is one example of a celebrity she knows tapped this resource when preparing for her athletic role in Alias.

“When you’re an actress, especially if you have to be naked on camera, it’s really important that you have extreme help with your fitness and food,” says Stone. This is just one level shy of having a full-time trainer living with you, which is a service many celebs—like Madonna and Oprah—take advantage of.


David Kirsch and Heidi Klum
If you're Heidi Klum, your trainer will even share nutrition bars with you.

Aside from motivation to work out, food is the next biggest thing trainers help with. “I have done grocery shopping, helping my clients to buy the right food to stock their fridge for a healthier diet,” says David Kirsch, who has trained Heidi Klum and a slew of Victoria’s Secret models.

Stone has made meals and shakes for clients, and Terri Walsh, creator of the A.R.T. Method, will send her clients out the door with breakfast and order their groceries for them on Fresh Direct.


And then there’s fitness clothing. All the trainers we talked to said they had either advised clients on their workout wardrobe, gone along as a shopping buddy, or gone shopping for them, so that fashionable, functional workout wear would be waiting for them at the studio.

At Walsh’s studio, she’ll even do her clients’ dirty fitness laundry (a level of service that must trump the slightly shabby appearance of her space). So a clean set of workout apparel awaits them the next day.

“Clients get my immediate attention and consideration no matter what I'm in the middle of,” Walsh explains. “It's expensive, but some people need this kind of support.”

In fact, Walsh is often so involved in clients' lives, she doesn't have to text them. They text her.

“I monitor all their meals, and advise them on their choices,” she explains. “This sometimes involves responding to texts at dinner that say ' Terri, danger, danger! Can haz bread?'” Her response? “Terri sez: NO."  —Lisa Elaine Held

Does your trainer go the extra mile? Would you welcome texts from your trainer? Would it or other nudges make a difference in your training? Tell us in the Comments, below!

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