The Most-Requested Home Decor, According to Four Interior Designers

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As the season shifts from dark and gloomy winter to sunlit spring, it's natural to be met with the urge to update your space to take on a lighter, airier point of view. But Pinterest inspo can only get you so far (and may lead you to fall for some straight-up design mistakes). That's when you probably wish you could use your lifeline and phone a friend—er an interior designer—to help you conceptualize exactly *what* you want to update.

So, I polled four interior designers to sound off on the most-requested home decor features they field from their clients. Whether you're looking for a DIY home fix, or just trying to figure out how to explain what's no longer working for you, they're here to share intel on what to ask for and how to finally get the space of your dreams.

Keep reading for the most-requested design features from four interior designers.

Versatile spaces requested from designers
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A space that serves the need for both quiet and community

"A space for quiet and ritual," says holistic interior designer Georgia Marcantoni. "Whether that's a space for meditation, yoga practice, journaling, their alters—they're requiring space to go within. Contrasting that is a place to gather their community of friends for ritual."

Marcantoni says that her clients are requesting spaces that offer versatility, meaning they can function to host gatherings around the new moon, sound baths, and even the occasional dinner party. Her home base in New York City (and its tiny, tiny apartments), demands that a single room can meet both of these needs at once.

That means shopping for items that can serve a dual purpose such as a meditation cushion that could easily be layered on a couch, a basket to store yoga accessories that could function as additional seating, and so on.

Cozy bedroom interior design requests
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A dreamy bedroom setup

"The key piece in the bedroom is always the bed," explains New York City-based designer Clodagh, the founder of her eponymous design firm, which specializes in sustainably-minded design. "Everything else is secondary. A generous bed is the most important piece of furniture in which you could ever invest."

Clodagh cites near-epidemic levels of sleep deprivation as the motivating force behind this request and advises a 'test-drive' of pillows and mattresses to ensure that what you end up with matches your preferences. Save those receipts!

Serene lighting for interior design
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Serene lighting

"It’s all about lighting," says Drew Stuart, partner architect at NYC-based INC Architecture and Design studio. "Diffused lighting that comes from the perimeters and the spaces between things as a way of expanding space, while minimizing light as something that sort of just shines down from the ceiling above."

In other words, Stuart's approach centers on light from not only windows, but also floor lamps, table lamps (and sure a Himalayan salt lamp too). This imparts a brighter, more awake room and also helps to enhance the perception of space.

Easy natural finishes interior design
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Low-maintenance finishes

"The recurrent theme with residential clients was, 'Is it easy to take care of?'," says Christina Cobb, an interior design consultant who specializes in sustainable furniture and design. "I try to broaden the thinking around convenience. Easy maintenance can go hand in hand with quality, durable materials and sustainable design. Why not go for the whole package?"

Cobb recommends FSC certified wood over veneer options when it comes to selecting furniture. For soft goods and upholstery, she favors non-toxic and easy to clean natural textiles like wool, linen, and Oeko-Tex certified "eco" leathers.

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