The Most Warming Winter Spa Treatments

Screen Shot 2013-12-26 at 8.00.33 PMIs hot yoga the only place you’re able to get warm? This time of year New York City's spa menus are full of treatments that scrub, soak, and massage the winter chill right out of your bones. Here’s where to thaw out in luxury… —Melisse Gelula

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Trump-SohoTurkish Hammam at the Trump Spa Soho

A personalized hammam is unheard of in Turkey, where the bathhouses are a social, salubrious experience. But in Soho you get a beautifully tiled, heated hammam all to yourself. (Thank you, Donald Trump.) Your “Hammam Attache” will be decked out in a swimsuit; you’ll be in your skivvies, receiving the scrub of your life with an exfoliating mitt, a dramatic lather-filled cleansing with a castile-coconut soap, and endless pans of hot water poured over you—all while you lay on heated marble bench. It’s the kind of treatment that will both invigorate you and wring you out. 45 minutes, $165 ($180 on weekends),


bg03Ginger Renewal Body Scrub at Yelo Spa

Many New Yorkers pop into this Midtown spa to power nap in the modern hot pink-and-saffron colored cubes while in their suits. But you’ll doff your Rag & Bones for this combo winter-warming body treatment that’s a step up from a simple massage. It starts with a full-body scrub using eucalyptus-scented Turkish salts, which can be brushed off by your therapist (so no need to jump off the table for a shower or spoil your blowout). It’s followed by an hour-long deep-tissue massage with warmed organic Kerstin Florian Ginger Body Oil—ginger being especially warming to the body—and hot stones make a glorious appearance. Why it’s worth it? Your dry, parched skin needs this as much as your muscles. 80 minutes, $200,


bathing_setai_spa_wall_streetSetai Herbal Hibernation at the Setai Wall Street

You've got to love the name of this treatment, which taps into the primal need to curl up in front of a fire for the next three months: First, you’ll climb into a gorgeous soaking tub filled with plant oils and a bouquet garni of therapeutic herbs that detox, calm, and transport. When your therapist returns 20 minutes later, you’ll pour yourself onto the massage table for an enzyme facial mask and where your bod is gently scrubbed then swaddled with warm, mineralizing Dead Sea Mud. Ask for a stimulating scalp massage during the heated wrap portion of the treatment; it works any remaining winter chill right out of your bones. Bonus: This spa has an outsize hot tub, steam, and sauna, too. 90 minutes, $285,


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