The One Foot-Massage Tool That Every Athlete and Traveler Needs


We're looking for the next breakthrough in healthy travel. So we partnered with EVENⓇ Hotels to find the next big wellness necessity with a brand new competition called Mission Wellness: Seeking the Next Healthy Travel Innovation. More than 100 businesses gave us their best pitch, and we've narrowed down the field to the final 12—which means it's time for you to get a say! Check out Reflexi below (and take a look at the businesses it's up against), and cast your vote by October 20.


Three-in-one portable foot massager

The problem

Your feet take a ton of abuse every day, whether you're an athlete or logging miles in the air (hello, swollen ankles). While giving them some reflexology-based TLC can actually help increase circulation and stimulate organ function throughout your body, regular stretching and massaging manually can be seriously inconvenient—especially if you're constantly on the go.

The solution

Enter Reflexi 3-in-1 Foot Massager, a portable, hands-free massager you can use standing up or sitting down. The lightweight tool has wave-like ridges you can press into or run across your soles to create different massage modes, using your own body weight to melt tension away. The Reflexi is made of 100 percent premium silicone, so it's environmentally friendly, and has an antimicrobial barrier to keep bacteria at bay.

The takeaway

Stashing the massager under your desk, in your gym bag, or in your carry-on could be a total game-changer. (Plus, who wouldn't dig an in-flight foot massage?)

Could this be the winner? Check out the competition and cast your vote here! (And do it fast—polls close October 20.)

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