The Perfect Flower Essence for Your Astrological Sign

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Fresh flowers can brighten up your bookshelf, desk, and even hair (hey, there's still a flower crown filter on Snapchat). But it's flower essences—extracts from the botanicals themselves—that contain serious mood-boosting powers, along with healing and beautifying properties.

"Flower essence therapy is all about vibration," says Sandra Sitron, founder of Strong Eye Astrology. "It's based on the idea that human thoughts, feelings, and experiences are part of the same cosmic law that creates all things—the planets above, and the flowers below."

"Look at your sun sign for the flower essences that'll help you expand upon your natural gifts."

To determine which special essence is cosmically aligned with your soul, Sitron says you can turn to your horoscope. "Look at your sun sign for the flower essences that'll help you expand upon your natural gifts and find balance," she says. Then mix a few drops into your tea, spritz in your room, or rub on your wrists to release your own personal flower power.

Keep reading to find out the flower essence that's perfect for your horoscope.

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Aries: Rose of Sharon

Rosy Aries, you're vibrant and fiery—and your inner spark comes out through your ability to lead. Of course, sometimes that passion can erupt into anger. The Rose of Sharon essence can help you release those negative vibrations and channel them into a more creative channel (be it watercolors or solving that work problem that's been nagging you).

Taurus: Buttercup

Taurus, it’s important for you to be confident in your self-worth. Since you're naturally appreciative of all things valuable, you should have a concrete understanding of how badass and brilliant you are—which helps you then thrive and create abundance. Essence of buttercup helps you realize that worth from within so you don't have to rely on compliments from others to feel good about yourself. It's centering and grounding, perfect for your earthy sign.

Gemini: Daisy

Peppy Gemini, you're curious, intelligent, and quick—and you're always gathering information. Daisy's an excellent essence to help you decode all the intel you gain, and it eliminates scattered thinking. Having this botanical on-hand will help you see the big picture and allow a higher perspective.

Cancer: Cosmos

As a water sign, Cancer, your ocean of emotion is always in movement, and your personal mission is to be able to expertly name and express these feelings (goals, right?). The comforting essence of cosmos can help enhance your self-expression and allow you to release your emotions in just the right way (whether that's through boxing or adult coloring books).

Leo: Sunflower

You’re ruled by the Sun, brilliant Leo, so the sunflower essence is your ideal medicine. Sunflower connects you to the vibration of your purpose and increases your intuition, which in turn helps you keep moving forward on your path. The cheery essence also cleanses and purifies the heart chakra, which is perfect for your heart of gold.

Virgo: Morning Glory

Virgo, you're extra ambitious and love to meet all of the daily goals you set for yourself. Embody the essence of morning glory for an early start: This flower promotes stamina and vitality, as well as strengthens your mind. Added bonus? It calms nervous habits, AKA that jittery feeling you sometimes get when trying to keep up that #girlboss attitude.

Libra: Chrysanthemum

Sweet Libra, your mission is all about keeping the peace. You're always striving to create balance within yourself, your relationships, and your environment (which is a lot of work). Essence of chrysanthemum will help in your efforts—the vibration of this dainty flower is meant to create harmony between those with differing ideas. Consider it the conciliator of the botanical world.

Scorpio: Lotus

Energetic Scorpio is always looking for transformation—through the mind, body, and spirit. The powerful essence of lotus flower can help you unveil the mysteries that surround you, allowing you to truly unlock the keys to success. Its vibration transforms all levels of consciousness, and helps you work through buried emotions to find lasting balance.

Sagittarius: Pansy

Sag has a buoyant and optimistic attitude, and the essence of pansy promotes your natural vitality to enhance your wellbeing. Let this flower bring clarity and energy to your constant motion while it stimulates your mind and intuition.

Capricorn: Zinnia

You're a level-headed, non-stop hard-worker, Capricorn. No wonder you struggle with your energy levels. Let the essence of zinnia restore your upbeat attitude and uplift your outlook as you continue to do it all. It's an excellent flower for people who need to laugh—and it's necessary to stay positive so that you can push through all of your goals.

Aquarius: Purple Iris

Aquarius, you are the visionary of the zodiac. Your sign is all about change and innovation (and you can definitely be a daydreamer). Your creative mind waves are always tuned in to the next big thing, whether it's unicorn hair or at-home spinning. The essence of purple iris can take you on journeys of the mind, helping you usher in your genius ideas.

Pisces: DaffodilSandra Sitron

Ethereal Pisces, it's important for you to have lots of alone time to meditate and connect with your inner dream world. Let the essence of daffodil enhance your mind-body-spirit connection. It can help release patterns of low self-esteem and build up mental clarity—and this gracefully strengthens your ability to tap into your higher self.

Sandra Sitron is an astrologer, consulting hypnotist, and writer living in Brooklyn, NY.

In addition to writing Well+Good’s monthly astrological guides, Sitron, the founder of Strong Eye Astrology, also releases a weekly horoscope and offers private astrology and hypnosis sessions.

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