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The Results Are in: There *Is* a Right Time of Day to Face Mask

Rachel Lapidos

Rachel LapidosJune 19, 2018

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Chances are that your nighttime self-care routine looks a little something like this: Remove makeup, thoroughly cleanse your face, tone, and—the best part—slather on a face mask.

Well, prepare to have your whole world turned upside down—because there may be a better time to do that masking treatment, and it’s in the a.m. (Say what?!)

According to Refinery29, masking in the morning has its own share of benefits. Unlike prepping you for beauty sleep, it can help give your skin a much-needed early boost of hydration, and even prep your complexion for makeup.

“A morning mask is great to do pre-makeup to give your skin the base hydration it needs,” says dermatologist Gervaise Gerstner, MD. “It’s just like using a primer to give hydration and prep skin.” So you get to skip a step in your makeup regimen—check.

Besides that, it can give an added glow. “It can also temporarily give the skin a tightness and make pores appear smaller,” says Dr. Gerstner. Despite the perks, however, don’t feel the need to give up your p.m. trick just yet—it’s also still good for your complexion. Basically, it all boils down to the ingredients. If you’re using a mask that hydrates and preps skin for the day ahead, try it in the morning; however, if you’re opting for clarifying or exfoliating masks try them at night. Now you’re ready to mask 24-7.

For mask inspo, here’s Jonathan Van Ness’ DIY anti-inflammatory face mask that has only 2 ingredients. And these are some powerhouse acne-fighting face masks for when you’re breaking out. 

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