The Well+Good Cookbook Is Officially Here!

After a year of vision-boarding, taste-testing, and tapping into the Well+Good community of healthy foodies, experts, and luminaries for their culinary know-how, it's official: The Well+Good Cookbook is finally here!

The goal? We wanted to find out what wellness gurus actually make on a regular weeknight—or day-time lunch, or rushed pre-office morning. The result is an eye-opening peek into the kitchens and recipe faves of some of the smartest people in wellness, with serious ease (and healthy benefits) at the center of every genius recipe.

The Well+Good Cookbook is filled with go-to meals you can whip up in a pinch (like celeb nutritionist Kelly Leveque's flaxseed chicken tenders), or roll out for a show-stopping Netflix night with friends (just throw an egg on Lea Michele's shaved radicchio, Parmesan, and truffle pizza).

And because there's no better way to kick off a cookbook launch than with a cocktail party, we did just that on April 16, bringing together cookbook contributors over a few of the book's standout recipes.

Scroll down for a peek at some of the wellness luminaries and recipes you'll find in the The Well+Good Cookbook.

well+good cookbook

We took over Williamsburg's Egg Shop (executive chef Nick Korbee's Whitefish Niçoise Salad was selected for the book cover!) for an evening of drinks, Photobooth sessions, and taste testing of some of the book's party-friendly apps.

Well+good cookbook

Speaking of party-friendly apps, Well+Good Council member McKel Hill's Sweet Onion Dip was a hit.

well+good cookbook

Well+Good co-founders Alexia Brue and Melisse Gelula show off the cookbook, which was a year in the making. Look out for Alexia's CBD Strawberry Smoothie and Melisse's Spicy Watermelon Avocado Salad within the pages.

well+good cookbook

Guests sipped on rosé and spritzes... hi, Caroline Schiff and Ksenia Avdulova of Breakfast Criminals.

well+good cookbook

And we nibbled on cookbook bites like Molly Rieger's Chickpea Blondies.

To make it easy for you, each recipe in the book is labeled by eating style (gluten-free, vegan, low-sugar, keto, and more) and for specific benefits, so you can eat for better digestion, skin, sleep, mood, energy, focus, and even sex.

well+good cookbook

We would have had to take over the whole restaurant to make more of the dishes in the Cookbook, like like the Cashew-Ricotta Turkey Lasagna recipe by Lo Bosworth (pictured next to nutrition guru Molly Rieger, at left).

Plus, Gabe Kennedy's Warm Lentils with Poached Eggs (that's him), go-to herbalist Rachelle Robinette's Love Potion Elixir, and plant queen Summer Rayne Oakes' Broiled Ginger-Cinnamon Grapefruit.

well+good cookbook

You can't hug the internet—but you can hug this book (team Well+Good showed us how it's done above). Consider it a little piece of W+G to keep in your kitchen, from us to you.

Get your copy of The Well+Good Cookbook now! Bonus: Post a photo of a recipe on Instagram before May 1 with hashtag #wellandgoodcookbook, and you'll be entered to win a spot on a 2019 Well+Good Retreat.

Photos: Elena Mudd for Well+Good

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