The Workout Habits of 7 Top Models

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Even with their serious beauty genes, more models are putting time in at the gym. Here are the workouts seven top models do to get fit, healthy, and camera-ready.

Heidi KlumThe world of runways and photo shoots is not a traditionally healthy place. But in the past few years, more models have been swapping starvation diets for bad-ass workouts.

Yes, they sweat because they have to live up to the skinny fashion-world ideal, and most are blessed with serious beauty genes from the get-go. But lots of top models are now proudly declaring their fitness love, whether for park bench box-jumps (like Heidi Klum, pictured), barre classes, or boxing drills.

Here, we share the workout habits of seven fashion models that help keep them fit and healthy... —Lisa Elaine Held



Miranda KerrMiranda Kerr

Kerr is one of the healthiest models we know, with her own organic beauty line, and professed love for practices like eating fresh, organic produce and regular dry brushing.

And while she’s been known to practice yoga, lately she’s been dedicated to Mary Helen Bowers’ ballerina-inspired Ballet Beautiful program. Not only has she learned barre moves, she’s even bought leotards to wear to her sweat sessions, and done multitasking classes while wearing her Kora Organics face mask (pictured).

Photo: Instagram/MirandaKerr


Julie HendersonJulie Henderson

"When I'm at home in New York, nothing beats an awesome 45-minute run through Central Park! I love running because I can do it whenever and wherever," says Henderson, who's known for her appearances in Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit issues.

When she's not pounding the pavement, she's taking classes at her favorite boutique fitness studios, including Ballet Bungee at ChaiseFitness, or boxing class at Mendez Boxing. She also has a yoga teacher come to her house.

"I like to do a variety of workouts, it keeps me interested and motivated, and I feel and see the best results when I mix things up."


Adriana LimaAdriana Lima

The Brazilian beauty and star Victoria's Secret Angel trains hard with former professional boxer and Aerospace co-owner Michael Olajide, Jr., and her workouts resemble those of a fighter preparing for bouts in the ring.

Think lots of jumping rope (including double-unders and cross-overs!) and punching combos or with weights in hand. Many other Victoria’s Secret models also get in shape for the runway at Aerospace.

Photo: Aerospace


Ashley SmithAshley Smith

Smith, who's been the face of campaigns for brands like Gap and Forever 21, has been working out with Will Torres at Willspace for more than two years.

"To keep her body toned and her metabolism burning, we use our Lift program, with an emphasis on lower body and core," says Torres, who typically trains her two to three times a week. "We'll do deadlift, which lengthens the hamstrings and glutes while keeping her posture muscles aligned. This combined with squats, lateral lunges, and step-ups keeps her legs long and her butt toned."

"When she has a photo shoot, we do more Stealth work with her, where we combine aerobics, like kicking and punching combinations on pads, with movements like ropes slams or medicine ball tosses," he says, which help her stay slim and strong without looking pumped. "Ashley is always up for the challenge and we love her energy and passion for living a healthy, fit life."



Heidi KlumHeidi Klum

Legendary supermodel and Project Runway host Klum is known for using the streets of New York City as her gym.

She’s regularly spotted running all over Manhattan, especially in Battery Park, and she often has a buddy, either her long-time trainer David Kirsch or recently, her boyfriend Martin Kristen, who had her doing box jumps and step-ups on benches.

Since she learned her workout moves from Kirsch, we’re guessing she’s got a mean squat, too.



Elena Foley modelElena Foley

"I grew up dancing, so I know how to condition and treat my body well," says Foley, who's been featured in Italian Vogue and walked the runway for designers like Betsey Johnson. The Moscow-native is a huge fan of David Barton Gym. "This is my go-to without a doubt. When I'm there it only brings joy and happiness—it's the best gym I've ever seen," she gushes.

Foley typically runs on the treadmill for an hour and then launches into a strengthening and toning sequence that includes burpees, ab exercises, and leg lifts. And she doesn't mess around—she'll do multiple rounds and lots of reps. When she's done, she says, "I always finish any workout with lots of stretching. This is very important to allow muscles to relax and lengthen."


Gisele BundchenGisele Bundchen

Bundchen may look polished and pretty and suited for a barre class, but one of her biggest fitness passions is explosive Kung Fu. For many years, she practiced her kicks and sparring during 90-minute sessions at the Boston Kung Fu Tai Chi institute three times a week.

She's also a longtime yoga practitioner (and was a big Anusara fan before the whole John Friend debacle), and has recently been executing her poses with the most adorable yoga partner ever, daughter Vivian, pictured.

Photo: Instagram/Giselleofficial


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