The $$$ Facial Tool That Completely Transformed My Skin Is On Major Sale

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I am notoriously needle-shy, but since it's been about *too many* years since my twentieth birthday, my skin does require some form of grander-scale intervention than any serum or cream can promise. Enter ZIIP, a facial tool that uses well-studied microcurrent technology to sculpt, lift, de-puff, and tone your face that I swear to the skin-care gods I cannot live without. And it's 20% off at luxury beauty boutique Violet Grey right now.


Shop now: ZIIP Nano Current Device, $396 (value $495)

The device, created by esthetician Melanie Simon, pairs with an app that offers a variety of settings to address various needs. The microcurrent then goes to work addressing skin concerns by stimulating collagen and promoting circulation, among other things.

My specific "issue" (I use quotes, because normal human faces are fine!) is sagging. But with regular use of ZIIP, I see a noticeable difference, especially along my jawline. It also helps to even out and brighten the tone of my skin, which tends to be ruddy and blotchy (so many thanks to my English/Scottish heritage).

The device also helps to zap zits, lessen the appearance of tired or bagged eyes, and more. And while it's an investment piece for sure, it's also 100 percent the future of skin care and works wonders accordingly. Watch what happens when one of our editors tries it here:

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