On the Hush-Hush, Theragun Is Launching a *Much* Quieter, Equally Powerful Tool

Photo: TheraGun; Graphics: Well+Good
If you took version 1.0 of the muscle massaging device known as the TheraGun out for a test-drive, your first thought would be Ahhh, my muscles just died and went to recovery heaven! and your immediate second reaction would be Man! Is this thing loud, or what!? But no more: Today with the launch of TheraGun G3PRO (which costs $599, and can be pre-ordered today for shipping on January 7th), the company offers a partial remedy to the device's discordant issue.

By partnering up with a team of engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the brand reports that they've managed to lower the overall noise level of the pre- and post-sweat-gizmo by more than 50 percent. And as a result, you'll be able to kick back on the couch and continue watching Netflix without a sound that kinda resembles a dentist's drill interrupting the drama unfolding on screen. Or, okay, it will be at least half as disruptive.

“I’m super excited to share the TheraGun G3PRO with the world," says Theragun founder Jason S. Wersland, who adds that the new model also features a sleek, next-level design, better battery life, and multiple speeds (1750 RPM for lighter treatment or 2400 RPM for standard treatment). However, he happens to agree that the quieter feature of the G3PRO is the improvement he's most amped about. "What I’m most proud of is that we were able to lower the sound by 50 percent without compromising our standards," he tells me.

I'm anxiously awaiting one month from today to test it out for myself to see how much quieter it really is (and I'll report back with my intel). But for now, I couldn't agree more.

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