3 Lesser-Known Theragun Uses That Will Convince You to *Finally* Invest in the Device

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As far as recovery tools go, the Theragun Prime ($299) is the best that money can buy. The percussive therapy device is known for its ability to dissolve even the gnarliest muscle knots, which explains why it's become the go-to for everyone from professional athletes to studio fitness devotees. But while you may be familiar with the Theragun's tension-melting prowess, you may not know that it has even more applications that make it a solid investment. Yup—there are Theragun uses aplenty.
"I think one common misconception with Theragun is that it is just a recovery tool—it is so much more than that," says Jason Wersland, DC, the brand's founder and chief wellness officer. "For someone who is using it to train, they should be incorporating Theragun to warmup and during a workout for maximum results while also using it to recover and decrease soreness. Theragun is also amazing for anyone experiencing general aches and pains on a daily basis, maybe from sitting at your desk for too long or standing on your feet all day at work. I always say Theragun is for everybody, and that is regardless of age, gender, or activity level."

Whether you're already a Theragun owner or trying to decide whether or not to pick one up for the first time, keep reading for three lesser-known Theragun uses worth trying out for yourself.

1. It helps with sleep

A Theragun can deliver the same zen-reducing results as a pro-grade massage without the need for a second set of hands, and regular use of the percussive therapy device can lead to a better night's sleep. Seriously, 87 percent of the 73 participants in a small, 2020 study conducted by the brand found that fell asleep faster when they used their Theragun before bed—and nearly a third were more able to stay asleep throughout the night better when they used it versus when they didn't. "Using Theragun on the areas of your body that are tense will flip on your “relax” switch in your brain—aka the rest-and-digest, parasympathetic part of your nervous system—and allow you to settle into a great, restful sleep," says Dr. Wersland. The takeaway? If you're dealing with disruptions to your REM cycle, this may just be the fix you need.

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  • Jason Wersland, DC, Jason Wersland, DC, is the founder and chief wellness officer at Therabody, the brand behind the Theragun and other recovery technology

2. It can ease foot pain

If your feet are bothering you for seemingly no reason, a condition called plantar fasciitis could be to blame—and your Theragun can help to ease the pain. “Plantar fasciitis is a condition in which the fascia—aka connective tissue—within the base of the foot becomes inflamed and often times uncomfortable,” Jeff Brannigan, program director at New York’s Stretch*d, previously told Well+Good. Pros recommend massaging the bottom of your foot with a ball to loosen the fascia and give you some relief, which is exactly what the Theragun does...but at warp speed and high intensity.

Even if you're not dealing with plantar fasciitis, the Theragun can still be great for easing foot pain—Dr. Wersland likes to use his on the soles and balls of his feet to ease tension after a long day. "There’s a number of other benefits of using Theragun on your feet including increasing peripheral circulation—with lack of circulation being a problem becoming more and more common—and increasing ankle mobility," he says.

3. It can treat carpal tunnel

The multiple hours a day that many of us spend typing away on our laptops without proper wrist positioning can be hard on our hands and joints, and in some cases of repetitive use, even lead to carpal tunnel, where in a compressed nerve in your wrist can lead to numbness, weakness, or pain in your hand or wrist. One of the easiest ways to remedy the situation is by using a Theragun device to massage your hands and forearms, which helps to break up the tension and improve mobility.

Still need more convincing about the plethora of Theragun uses? Check out the video below to see what happened when one of our editors tried out the device for herself.

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