9 Things You Can Easily Automate but Probably Haven’t Yet

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I haven't been inside a store since March 9, and while I say that with a certain element of horror, it's because my household feels fully automated right now. With half of us over 65 (ahem, not me), it's a safe and easy option to just get our supplies on a rolling basis. And thing is that there's no shortage of things you can automate to take one less stress off your mind. Or several less stresses. Seriously, it's rough out there.

If you're yearning for the salon or missing your go-to cafe, we have plenty of substitutes that can help. And this doesn't even cover sexual subscription boxes, which yes, do exist in multitudes. Below, nine things you can automate with a click and a sigh of relief.

The best things to automate in order to simplify your life

1. Meal Prep and Planning

We're going to start with something super basic, the one thing you actually probably did before. If you want to streamline your recipes, you have options with services like HomeChef, HelloFresh, and Blue Apron if you're fancy.

2. Your Go-To Cup of Coffee

Recently, I've been shipping different grounds from my much-missed New York cafes to my parents house (where I'm spending lockdown); I just really miss setting $5 on fire for a latte every morning, you know? Anyway, Blue Bottle is actually a favorite of beauty and fitness editor Rachel Lapidos and myself, and they have their own customizable subscription coffee subscriptions. Highly recommend the New Orleans-style blend!

3. Cleaning Supplies

Because you want everything spic and span, every trip to the grocery store gives you an inherent case of the icks. We're super into plastic-free, budget-friendly Blueland and their use of dissolvable tablets. Likewise, Grove Collaborative will ship you any number of non-toxic cleaning products (and clean wellness products in general) on a monthly basis.

4. Hair Dye

If you're in a rooty hell right now and need to take matters into your own hands, a service like eSalon can come in handy. You can get a custom color delivered to you on a rotating basis until we're able to step into a beauty parlor again (or maybe not, maybe this is our life now, who knows!)

5. Razors and Shaving Cream

My Werewolvian princesses who are letting their leg hair grow wild and proud, this doesn't apply to you. Rock them Patty and Selma stems, friends. For those of us who'd like to shave but not think about stocking up, I was using Insta-friendly Billie before I got rerouted to my parent's place, and Dollar Shaving Club will send you some razors sans Pink Tax.

6. Yes, Toilet Paper

Okay, with a GIGANTIC caveat: most of the retailers are currently wiped out (sorry). But if you want to be on the frontlines of some eco-friendly TP when they restock, a few good options are the adorably wrapped Who Gives a Crap, 100 percent bamboo Pure Planet Club, and also weirdly aesthetically pleasing Go Number Two.

7. Utility Bills

Just worth pointing out! If you haven't done it already, you can usually set up your general household bills to direct deposit from your bank account. Like, I know we're all working with different suppliers, but on my end, I do this with Con Edison, Verizon, and National Grid.

8. Babycare

If you happen to have a newborn or youngin' and haven't completely lost your mind yet, helps on the way. Bluum Box will send you top-rated baby products and Jessica Alba's Honest Company can provide, well, a lot of things for adults, too. But they have rose blossom diapers and lavender bubble bath if you have a very lux infant.

9. Magazines, Newspapers, and News

If you still love flipping pages, rest assured that you can turn on automatic renewal for many publications! A new school solution for your old school method of media consumption.

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