How to Spend 24 Hours in This Gulf Coast Beach Oasis

Summer Fridays are in session, and that means it's time to use your sacred OOOs responsibly—like taking a sunny, never-coming-back-level vacay that's a hop-skip from anywhere on the east coast.

Specifically, Panama City Beach—the surprising gulf coast haven that caters to families, couples, and, yes, wellness-obsessives looking for a healthy escape.

And we already did all of the dirty (err sandy?) planning work for you. From swimming with dolphins to hitting up a paddle board yoga class (talk about balance), we have every type of activity covered while you're toes-deep in the panhandle's signature (and highly Instagrammable) white sand.

Keep scrolling for your own detailed map of all the things to do in Panama City Beach, the surprising destination that needs to be on your radar.

In partnership with Panama City Beach

Top photo: Getty/Westend61


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