Thinking About Quitting Your Job? Here’s What To Consider First

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Long hours, unbearable coworkers, the long commute, you name it—there are a million reasons why you might be thinking about quitting your job. The "Great Resignation" may have been the tip of the iceberg as more employees grow weary of low-paying, unfulfilling work.

If you’re strongly considering a career flip right now, you’re not alone. According to a recent report, roughly 40 percent of the global workforce is thinking about ditching their current roles in the next three to five months; that’s two out of every five workers. In this week’s episode of The Well+Good Podcast, hosted by Well+Good's Ella Dove, Monday Talent recruitment agency president and co-founder Gillian Williams shares her insight on how to approach career switch-ups during this time. Williams explore the idea of "quiet quitting," the current job market, and how to get your dream job (plus, what not to do). Before you make the leap and say "see ya!" to your current gig, listen to the podcast to learn more about the current job climate and how to best prepare for your next career move.

Listen to the full episode here:

Gillian Williams
Gillian Williams, president and co-founder of Monday Talent.

What To Consider Before Quitting Your Job This Year

1. The Current Job Market (and Economy)

“It’s a really interesting time right now for the job market,” says Williams, “and the current state of the economy is very uncertain. Nothing is normal anymore. Nothing is expected.”

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When searching for your next role, Williams says to seek out opportunities beyond the ones already posted on LinkedIn. While online employment services are valuable, many jobs you might be well-suited for often fly under the radar.

“Don't bank on one way of approaching the job hunt,” says Williams. “Be reaching out and utilizing your network, your family networks, your personal network, asking family and friends if they're hiring.”

2. The Recruitment Process

While you might be ready to send in your resignation letter this week (or even this afternoon!), it’s important to know that you might be stuck in an interview process for a long stretch of time before landing your next job.

“We're seeing a lot of extended timelines for recruitment processes,” says Williams of the current climate.

A lengthier recruitment process means a longer wait period for your next paycheck. Financially preparing for this could mean staying at your job for a bit longer than you’d prefer, but it’s something to keep in mind before emptying out your desk.

3. The Competition

While hunting for jobs on LinkedIn, you may have noticed the number of applicants for roles shooting up into the hundreds. Amidst the Great Resignation, the talent pool keeps getting deeper.

According to Williams, setting yourself apart from the competition starts with the basics: a great, clean resume, a cover letter that expresses your interest in the company, and references that can attest to your work ethic and values.

Williams says to keep it professional on LinkedIn; becoming too eager to impress a recruiter is something you should avoid. With so many people pining for the same job, too much enthusiasm can turn off your future employer.

“We literally had a client reject somebody because they sent them this lengthy three-page note of why they were interested in the opportunity,” says Williams.

On the Plus Side...

Keeping these things in mind, Williams says it’s an exciting time to consider changing career paths, and in an ever-changing job market, there’s really no ‘perfect’ time to leave your job. “There are so many new opportunities out there that have morphed over time, and new types of career paths have emerged that people might not even realize,” says Williams. If you’re ready to finally bid farewell to your job, check out this week’s podcast episode below, where Williams shares her advice on how to stand out to recruiters.

To learn more about making career changes, listen to the full podcast episode here.

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