My New Favorite Bra Was Made for Folks With Small Bands and Big Cups

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My favorite type of bra is no bra at all. As someone with boobs that can best be described as "extremely medium-sized," most of the time, I let them fly free. And any time when that’s not an option—like, say, when I need to put on real clothes and go to an in-person work meeting—I exhaust every sports bra option in my arsenal before I give in to putting on something with actual cups.

For me and my chest, comfort is key—even if that means strangers in New York City get an eyeful of my nips on the reg. But when I came across a wireless bra that everyone on the Internet seemed to be raving about because of how dang comfortable it is, I knew I had to give it a try—and not just because I was starting to feel a little weird about how many times my doormen had seen my boobs through my shirt.

The bra in question—the ThirdLove Form 360 Fit Wireless Bra ($64)—is beloved for offering all the support of a wired bra, without the actual wires. According to reviewers, it is "the most comfortable bra they've ever tried" (at least 10 people said so on the brand's website), but would a bra-hater like me feel the same way? Keep reading to find out.

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ThirdLove Form 360 Fit Wireless Bra — $64.00

Colors: 7

Sizes: XS-3XL (30C-44C, with some band sizes going up to G)


  • Wireless, seamless construction
  • Foam cups offer shaping and support
  • A large range of precise sizes that even account for half-cup sizes
  • Adjustable straps and back closure
  • Super-soft fabric


  • Pricey

About the ThirdLove Form 360 Fit Wireless Bra

This bra has all the buzzy features you'd come to expect from a bra built for comfort. It's seamless, wireless, and has adjustable straps and closures to allow you to customize the amount of support you're getting.

Speaking of support, because the bra doesn't have wires, it gets its 'oomph from built-in foam cups that are thick enough to hide your nips but not so formed and heavy that they give you cone boobs. The fabric is made from a blend of nylon, polyester, and spandex (depending on whether you choose a solid color, a heathered shade, or a marbled style, the exact makeup of the material differs slightly), and feels like my favorite sports bra.

All that's fine and good, but what really sets this bra apart from others on the market is its sizing. ThirdLove's website allows you to enter your band size (between 30 and 44 inches) and cup size (between B and G) to calculate your perfect fit. It comes in sizes ranging from XS to 3XL, with "+" and "++" sizing in between. So, for example, as a 30-D, I wear "XS+" in the Form 360.

ThirdLove Form 360 Fit Wireless Bra: My honest take

My 30D boobs have historically been different to shop for, which is probably why most of the bras I own feel like torture (... I've been guilty of buying the closest fit I can find off the rack, which means my drawer is filled with a Frankensteined collection of sizes). So when I found out that the Third Love Bra was made for women with small bands and large cups, I was excited at the prospect of finally owning something that fit.

And fit, it does. The brand's "precise sizing" method is no joke, so much so that for the first time in all my bra-wearing years, taking mine off is no longer the first time I do when I get home. The band doesn't dig into my skin—something I'd always thought was a mandatory side-effect of wearing a bra—and there's enough support that if I wanted to, I could jump up and down without my boobs even budging. The foam cups give my girls a nice, perky shape that looks great under a T-shirt and has the added bonus of making my nipples totally invisible.

I may have once been a bra detractor, but the ThirdLove Form 360 Fit Wireless Bra has changed my tune on "booby traps"—which, now, I guess I have to stop calling them—forever.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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