This New Washable Silk Loungewear Line Is the Definition of Luxury *and* Convenience

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As wondrous as it is to step into a silk robe or sleep in silk pajamas, the fabric isn't entirely convenient. Anyone who's owned anything silk can tell you that caring for the delicate fabric can be a hassle. Like wool or suede, silk is one of those "dry clean only" materials that requires professional care. Washing machines and dryers? They're a surefire way to ruin your favorite (and expensive) pieces.

At least, that's how silk used to be. Now, you can step into a pair of elegant, silk pajamas without having to think twice about caring for it, thanks to ThirdLove's new Washable Silk collection. The beloved bra brand known for its size-inclusive, comfortable lingerie just dropped a new line of silk pajamas that are entirely washable. No more dragging your laundry to the dry cleaners or having to surrender your delicates to harsh chemicals—these pretty PJs are made from super soft, water-friendly silk that you can launder right at home.

And no, these aren't your typical button-up pajama sets. While the line does include a really cute top-and-bottom kit, there's also a smattering of other chic silhouettes to choose from, like shorts and a tank top (for ultra-hot snoozers), a T-shirt dress (for fans of the oversized tee) and a robe (perfect for all-day lounge sessions). TL;DR—there's a style for every type of sleeper, and they're all more luxurious than the next. Say goodbye to your dry-cleaning bill and hello to your new favorite pajamas, that are as luxurious as they are effortless.

Doze in decadence in ThirdLove's Washable Silk collection

Washable Silk Short — $90.00

Like your boyfriend’s boxers, but 10x more luxurious. These swanky shorts are made from a smooth, brushed silk designed to keep you cool on hot, sweaty nights, made from a breathable, washable silk that’s temperature-regulating. The relaxed fit and elastic waistband are comfy for lounging, too. Available in wine or a dusty rose.

Washable Silk Short Sleeve Top — $100.00

Pair your bottoms with this matching short sleeve top that’s available in the same wine and dusty rose colorways. This PJ shirt features a loose fit with short, cap sleeves that come just over the shoulder. The result? An ultra-comfy look at doesn’t skimp on style.

Washable Silk Robe — $199.00

Few things in life are as relaxing as slipping into a silky, sexy robe. Made of the same, washable silk as the rest of the collection, this indulgent robe is the definition of effortless. Tie it on post-shower, or wear it over your PJs for an all-day lounge look. As for its features, it comes in two regal hues (gold and black) and it has pockets.

The Perfect Temp Kit — $199.00

Take the hassle out of picking out your pajamas and invest in a curated kit that includes your sleepytime essentials. This bundle includes a matching button-up shirt and pants that are both thermoregulating for a better night’s sleep. Available in wine, black, and teal.

Washable Silk Sleep Tee — $125.00

If pants aren’t your thing, step into an oversized silk T-shirt instead. The Sleep Tee is loose-fitting and knee-length, like the upgraded version of your favorite college sleep shirt. Instead of cotton, it’s made from dolphin-smooth silk that’ll make you feel like royalty. Available in dusty rose or teal.

Washable Silk Wide Leg Pants — $199.00

When you’re sweating out your sweatpants and joggers, it’s probably time to invest in a pair of these easy, breeze wide leg pants. They flare at the ankles, allowing for better breathability when you’re bundled up under the covers. Matched with either the Short Sleeve Top or Long Sleeve Top ($125), and you’re sure to stay comfy all night long.

The Beauty Sleep Kit — $279.00

Going to sleep has never looked better in this 4-piece bundled kit. Each kit includes your choice of Wide Leg Pant and Long Sleeve Shirt plus a balconette bra and cheeky panty. You can get every piece in the same colorways or mix it up to your liking, but whatever you wear is sure to look (and feel) stellar.

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