Why Dance Is the Ultimate Therapy, According to This Crazy-Cool Choreographer

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Sometimes your workouts are motivated by a specific goal, other times by your need to just get a dose of those post-workout endorphins. But for Tiana Hester-Charles—dancer, choreographer, and instructor at Banana Skirt dance studio—movement is actually about tapping into her truest self.

The best part? She says you can do that, too. When she first stepped into a dance studio as an eight-year-old girl, Hester-Charles felt lukewarm—even though she knew she had a gift. But it wasn't long until she felt an undeniable pull ("Dance is my heart," she says), and found her calling when she started teaching.

"I was placed here on this earth to move and to inspire other people."

"I was placed here on this earth to move and to inspire other people," she says. "I want other people to win. I want to make that person feel like they can slay."

Already obsessed? Us too. That's why we teamed up with ASICS to take you into Hester-Charles' world of dance, to see up close and personal how she uses movement to inspire others to find their passions—all through insanely cool, next-level dance seshes on the streets of New York City.

"I am self-motivated and driven, and self-inspired," Hester-Charles says. "I'm doing this because I love it obviously. That's where you pull the inspiration from—within yourself."

Watch the video above to check out her next-level dance moves, and shop her movement-approved wardrobe below.

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