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Tiem’s Sell-Out Spin Shoe Is Also One of the Best Options for HIIT Classes

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In the wide world of cycling shoes, there's a lot to keep track of when it comes to finding the right fit for you. Including but not limited to: how much or how little they look like bowling shoes (which: the less the better); which kind of clip-in pedals you have; if you're cycling in a studio or outdoors; and whether you want to be able to wear them on and off the bike. But IMO: It's a rarity to find a pair that looks solidly anti-bowling, while also being versatile on all of the other points. So, the fact that the Tiem Slipstream Cycling Sneakers ($130) are both comfy to wear and stylish means I kinda never want to take them off.

Unlike a lot of cycling shoes which feel quite narrow and have an awkward curvature, the Tiem Slipstream Cycling Sneaker just feels like a regular-old shoe when it's on your foot, and that is a welcomed change. It's nice because as more and more classes are built to be bootcamps with hybrid cardio and strength work, this shoe allows you to get on and off the bike without having to change into a different pair (even if the instructor has to).  And while the shoes still have velcro fastening, it feels really modern and in line with the design of the shoe.

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One thing to note about the Slipstreams is that they come with SPD clip-ins or two-pronged clip-ins, which are different than the clip-ins than what comes standard on the Peloton bike, which are called Look Delta clip-ins. It's an easy fix, you just have to swap out the pedals on your bike for an option like these. I am a fan of the SPD clip-ins because they allow my foot to have more movement on the bike and make me feel less like I'm stuck in place. And that's aided by the fact that these shoes are light and airy.

In HIIT workouts, I find that the shoes are exactly what I need to transition between full-body movements quickly. They don't give a lot of rebound (which you don't want in a HIIT workout because it can lead to injury), and I can quickly adjust them to be looser or tighter with the tug of the strap so I'm not constantly tying and retying my sneaks after one too many burpees.

All to say: If you're in the market for a solid pair of cycling shoes, look no further.

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