Need a New Pair of Specs? Your Style Inspo Might Be Hiding in a TikTok Trend

Photo: Pure & W+G Creative
Back in the day, finding style inspiration wasn’t easy. You’d study celebrities’ outfits in magazines, evaluate mannequins at stores, and generally become an expert people watcher in order to scout for trends.

But nowadays? TikTok has become the one-stop shop for discovering every trending style. Not only does your "for you page" curate the content you see to your taste, but you can also explore popular hashtags and aesthetics—without needing to camp out in a busy coffee shop for hours.

And while you'd probably think to look to TikTok for specific fashion trends like stirrup leggings, you might not have considered how broader trending topics can apply to your wardrobe choices, specifically when it comes to one of your most important daily accessories: your glasses.

Since trends typically have a shelf life of about a year, it just makes sense to give your eyeglasses an update during your annual eye exam (especially if they're covered by insurance like the lightweight, easy-to-wear frames from Pure eyewear).

So book an eye exam with your local VSP network provider, then peruse a few examples below of how to use your current favorite TikTok trend to help you pick out a new pair of stylish specs with fun, bold frames from Pure. You just might go viral.

Keep scrolling for 4 TikTok trends that will inspire your next pair of glasses.

Coastal Granddaughter: Pure P-3019

You’ve probably heard of the coastal grandmother look, but there’s a new, related aesthetic taking TikTok by storm: the funkier coastal granddaughter. Essentially a more relaxed, updated take on the coastal grandmother, people sporting the coastal granddaughter look like to add more colors and patterns into their outfits. These glasses match the vibe well, thanks to the tortoise shell pattern against the blush base.

Y2K Aesthetic: Pure P-3015

It seems the Y2K look is here to stay (for now), with fashion trends leaning toward low-rise jeans, pops of color, and sheer clothing. To apply the vibe to your glasses, go for color, color, and more color—like these electric lavender frames that would look great with any velour tracksuit or denim-on-denim ‘fit.

Mermaidcore: Pure P-2015

If you’re a Harry Styles fan, you’ve probably seen his merman look from his “Music For a Sushi Restaurant” music video, which shot mermaidcore to fame. But if mermaidcore is new to you, just picture blues, whites, and metallics with accessories reminiscent of shells or lost treasure. To find specs that scream “I just washed ashore,” go for this tortoise shell (get it?) pattern that blends into an oceanic teal. Pair them with a flowy dress and a puka shell necklace and boom, you’ve achieved mermaidcore.

Pink Everything: Pure P-3016

With the anticipation surrounding the July release of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie film, pink is going to be everywhere this year. To get ahead of this trend, grab a pair of rosy frames, like these blush beauties that you’ll be able to add to a monochrome pink look or use as your go-to pop of pink for any outfit. No matter how you wear them, they’ll keep you looking effortlessly on-trend.

Feeling inspired? Click here to pick out your new specs, and check your frame benefits to see if you qualify to get an extra $20 off all Pure frames, including the ones featured above. 

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