Avoid *This* Shampoo Ingredient for Timothée Chalamet–Worthy Locks

Photo: Facebook/Call Me By Your Name
Back in 2010, Justin Bieber's signature moppy hairdo, which most notably featured sleek strands constantly falling in his eyes, was widely recognized (and something you or your S.O. might tell a hairstylist not to emulate). Now, eight years later, Timothée Chalamet—the 22-year-old Oscar-nominated actor who stars in Call Me By Your Name—has finally taken Bieber's place in the hair flip hall of fame. Only, Chalamet's hair is, quite frankly, much better. 

So how does the wunderkind maintain such a well-kempt head of hair? Luckily for inquiring minds, his stylists—Thom Priano and Tamas Tuzes—just revealed in an interview with The Cut how you can replicate Chalamet's locks at home.

First, scan the ingredients list on your shampoo bottle for sulfates—a harsh detergent common to many brands that will wreak havoc on your mane. Instead of lathering the damaging ingredient into your scalp, Priano and Tuzes recommended opting for a cleansing or foaming conditioner that will wash it with a gentler touch.

After adding a generous dollop of cream to his head, Chalamet's stylists turn a blow-dryer on low and finalize the actor's "I-woke-up-with-bad-boy-hair" look.

Next, don't shy away from styling cream, especially if you—like Chalamet—tend to have more voluminous hair. “I didn’t need to build up his hair, I needed to take it down,” said Priano. After adding a generous dollop of cream to his head, the stylists turn a blow-dryer on low and finalize the actor's "I-woke-up-with-bad-boy-hair" look. And rather than grabbing a curler to coax those gorgeous curls to fruition, the two gently use their fingers to create movie-ready curls.

If you haven't been #blessed with naturally texturized hair, Priano and Tuzes said that rocking this look will take a little more effort. Your options include going through the extensive (but totally satisfying) process of creating retro-looking finger waves or haphazardly curling your hair with a large barrel hair iron. With any luck, you'll come out the other side with a Chalamet-worthy 'do.

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