This Cordless Vacuum-Mop Hybrid Genuinely Blew My Mind at How Easily It Cleaned My Dirt and Dog Hair

Photo: Getty Images/Mike Piunti
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As a person who spends a lot of time online, I don't understand how people on the internet make cleaning their house look so easy or enjoyable. I'll spend hours watching content creators vacuum, dust, mop, scrub, and reorganize their homes using a fast-motion effect that makes it look like they used a spell from Harry Potter. Logically, I know cleaning is an annoying, time-consuming task for most people—and social media isn't real life. But still: Why can't my cleaning days be half as seamless as the TikToks I'm mesmerized by?

You can imagine my glee when the Tineco Floor One S5 Extreme, a 3-in-1 vacuum, mop, and self-cleaning floor washer (currently on sale for $400, originally $500), arrived on my doorstep. This cordless (!!!) cleaner combines vacuuming and mopping in one machine so you can clean easier and faster,  plus it self-adjusts how intensely it cleans certain areas based on how dirty the surface is. It's pretty much the real-life equivalent to one of those speedy cleaning TikTok videos, only it's very real, completely unedited, and on discount for a few more days only.

tineco s5
Tineco, Floor One S5 Extreme Floor Cleaner — $400.00

Originally $500, now $400

10.1-inches wide
.21 gallon water tank capacity
Cleans all hard floors: hardwood, vinyl, tile, ceramic, linoleum,
300 battery charge time
35-minute runtime



  • Can handle a lot of grime
  • Pet-friendly
  • Cordless
  • Decent battery life
  • Lightweight
  • LCD screen, plus automated voice
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Leaves floors incredibly clean
  • Energy-efficient
  • 2-year warranty


  • Takes a long time to charge
  • You still have to rinse the roller
  • You’ll have to replace the water tank more often if you have a larger home

About the Tineco Floor One S5 Extreme

The Tineco Floor One S5 Extreme is essentially a vacuum and mop in one. It sucks in dust and debris with a vacuum, while a brush roller sprays water and mops the surface behind it. The Floor One S5 has 35 minutes of run time before it needs to refuel, and it's completely cordless, too. (It charges on an included battery dock when you're not using it.) What makes it extra cool is that you don't need to push it—it actually propels forward on its own, so all you need to do is guide it in the direction you want to clean, and it kinda takes you there. The whole thing is near-Jetsons-like, complete with smart tech that "talks" while you clean and tells you what it's doing, while its screen tells you how much battery time it has left. Rosie the Robot, is that you?!

tineco s5
Photo: Gina Vaynshteyn

Like a robot maid from the future, it (the iLoop Smart Sensor Technology ) detects how dirty the floor is to automatically adjust flow, suction, and brush-roller speed. When you're done, you simply dump out the dirty water (and when you're ready to clean your house again, you just need to refill the water and accompanying cleaning solution, plus a clean brush head, and you're ready to go.)

It's meant for hard surfaces only, but is safe on all types (wood, tile, vinyl, etc.). If you have a carpet, it's best to stick with a vacuum or carpet cleaner.

Watch it in action here:

@ginavaynshteyn♬ Everybody Wants To Rule The World - Single Version - Tears For Fears

Tineco Floor One S5 Extreme features

  • Vacuum: Its high-powered suction lifts dirt, dust, and debris. If you're looking to just vacuum floors, you can turn the mop feature off.
  • Mop: Using a brush roller (it comes with three rollers, so it's easy to swap them out), it mops surfaces, deep cleaning surface-level stains and messes. If you want to only mop the floors, you can turn the suction off.
  • iLoop Smart Sensor Technology: The built-in "grime detector" that adjusts suction, roll speed, and water flow to efficiently clean your floor while using as little battery life as possible.
  • Edge cleaning: The way it's designed, you can really get up close to those baseboards and corners.
  • Larger tank: This model has a bigger tank than its predecessors, which means longer run-time without having to dump and refill.
  • Long battery life: You've got up to 35 minutes before you need to recharge.
  • Self-cleaning feature: It has built in self-cleaning features which wash out the inner tubing and brush roller—this means less maintenance for you.
  • Accessories: It comes with three brush rollers, a bottle of Tineco cleaning solution, two dry filters, charging base, cleaning tool, and adapter.

My honest review of the Tineco Floor One S5 Extreme

I've tested pretty much all brands of floor cleaners, and I am *so* impressed by the Tineco Floor One S5 Extreme—and that takes a lot. For context: I have two 90-pound German shepherd dogs that shed year-round, so my floor is constantly covered in black fur. I'm also very much not a clean-as-I-go person, so you'll find crumbs, dust, dirt, etc., on the floor at any given time. Needless to say, it takes a really high-powered cleaner to make my floors look pristine, and up until now I've been using a combination of the Dyson Outsize ($850) and the Bissell Steam Mop ($102). Both are great, but it takes about 45 minutes total to clean my 1,700-square-foot home, and by the end of it, my triceps and biceps feel like Jell-O.

I truthfully wasn't expecting much from the S5 Extreme—I figured there was no way it could actually handle all the dog hair and the human mess. Something was sure to misfire, and either it would miss piles of dog hair and leave my floors in a wet, furry mess, or it would just suck up the hair without cleaning anything else behind it.

But five minutes into cleaning my floors (which are vinyl), I was shocked that it was successfully picking up every little hair and promptly washing behind it, leaving the surface sparkling clean and dust-free.

tineco s5
Photo: Gina Vaynshteyn

Partly because of its propelling feature (it kind of just goes on its own and you follow it), it was able to clean almost my entire house without using up all the water or draining the battery. It finally alerted me I had to dump the water and replace the tank with more solution by the time I was almost done, so it didn't quite cover the entire surface area without a refill. Still, I had about 10 minutes left, so even though I had to add more water, I was able to clean in half the time I normally take with my vacuum and steam mop.

Plus, the cordless feature is much-appreciated. I get that with my Dyson, but the Bissell steam mop is sadly corded, so I have to unplug room to room. (Champagne problems, I know).

Here's a look at what my floors looked like before and after cleaning:

Photo: Gina Vaynshteyn

Who the Tineco Floor One S5 Extreme is best for

This floor cleaner is ideal for people who have hard floors, and want to spend as little time cleaning as possible. Since it has a 35-minute battery life and moderately-sized water tank, it'll clean your home in one go if you have a home smaller than 1,700 square feet (I'm just estimating based on my experience alone), but it's still great for larger homes (you'll just need to refill the water tank and possibly recharge).

The drawbacks I noticed? The cleaner isn't entirely self-cleaning. You still have to remove the brush and rinse it. The charge time is also not quick—it takes 3-4 hours to get the full battery life back. Otherwise, I give this floor cleaner all the thumbs up (and maybe a hug for cleaning my house so well?). Add one to your cleaning routine for $100 off the regular price ahead of Mother's Day while you still can here. 

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