9 Tiny Desk Planters That Promote a Mood-Boosting Work Space

Transform your office into a miniature jungle oasis.

There is a common thread among apartment #goals boards on Pinterest and your Instagram feed: greenery everywhere. The mood boosting powers of plants can help alleviate feelings of burnout; they're natural air purifiers, which is great for days when you don't see sunlight; and, TBH, they're often cute as hell.

So basically, the leafy living beauts are a modern office necessity. Tiny planters can act as decor (you can fit one‚ if not several, on your desk at a time) and morale boosters, too.

They're also useful for those tiny nooks and crannies in your home that seem totally hopeless for decor potential. Turns out no space is too small to host a tiny plant!

See the 9 tiny plant holders below.

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