These Sculptural Purses Are Tiny Works of Art but Still Big Enough to Hold Your Wellness Essentials

Photo: Getty Images/ Edward Berthelot
Although the '90s will truly never die, as the fashion seasons go by, the '80s are making it abundantly clear that they are plotting an aesthetic takeover of their own. (Just think of the return of the scrunchie, the leisure suit, and the neons that have recently become the color scheme du jour.)

Recently, I've noticed another '80s design aesthetic finding new life and purpose: tiny handbags that double as decorative objects. Really, these purses are sculptural works of art that are as suitable on your arm as they would be dropped into a Memphis Design Group installation. While my searches for an authentic item from the iconic design group have turned up mildly traumatizing (I've recently been salivating over a very chic, yet very expensive, $15,000 shelf), these bags start at $40 and cap out at $1,000, which is much more realistic.

As a person who thrives in organized chaos, this is a 2019 purse trend I can get behind because when I randomly drop it onto my table, instead of looking like the antithesis to Marie Kondo that I am, it looks like I'm a capable adult with enough design talent to have managed to curate a wabi sabi-esque scheme in my home.

Although some of these bags, shapes, and materials would have you think that they are not "practical," each and every one of them definitely is—for starters, they all pair very well with your favorite pair of leggings and they're each big enough to carry your everyday wellness kit—a salve for post-workout aches, a lip balm, an herbal tincture to boost your energy, and some CBD deodorant (you know, the essentials).

Besides being functional accessories, whether or not you're dedicated to the KonMarie lifestyle, having things around that spark joy can only be a good thing. Plus, there's enough research out there that being around or making art is good for your mental health, all of which is to say, I've definitely talked myself into buying at least one of the bags below.

Other 2019 trends you should keep an eye are the next CBD (it's called CBN) and a slew of new denim styles poised to takeover this year. 

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