Borrow This Well+Good Team Member’s Go-to Formula for Max Summer Relaxation

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Working in digital media in New York City is the definition of fast-paced—but Well+Good's audience development associate Celine Cortes makes having a positive attitude 24/7 look easy.

Step one? Find a job you love. Since ditching a not-so-great gig, she's happily juggling career goals, new work responsibilities, and daily self care all while working on growing Well+Good's social presence and audience numbers (to reach more people like you).

"I instantly saw a difference in how your work life is supposed to be like," she says. "You're supposed to be happy to be at work with people who inspire you and have passion for what you’re doing day to day."

Tap her career tips and style advice for casual-and-comfortable workwear below—including her standby for lunchtime strolls and after-work studio classes: a pair of New Balances. The sporty kicks go with practically every carefree summer outfit and make going from office to sunset workout a snap.

Scroll down for the real ways this busy editor squeezes the most out of work life and summer, including the cool-and-comfortable uniform she relies on.

Tips for finding (and landing) your dream gig

Always remember that what you studied in college doesn’t define the rest of your life. I left a toxic work environment without any plan or direction of what to do next, because I wanted to take control of my career and my happiness. In order to do that I had to take a huge hit, both financially and mentally, but it was well worth it in the end.

My job at Well+Good allows me to be creative and analytical. I’m also always learning because media, especially digital media, is always evolving. Always be willing to learn new things!

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On prioritizing balance—and maximizing summer fun

Fitness and being active have always been super important to me. I love taking studio classes—there’s just something about being in a studio with a community and an instructor leading the way. Workouts allow me to work around a busy schedule by carving out 45 minutes or an hour just for me.

Workouts allow me to work around a busy schedule by carving out 45 minutes or an hour just for me.

When it's warm, I take every advantage I get to be outside, whether that means going for a walk during lunch, going to the park after work, or  eating dinner on my apartment building's rooftop.

I also make it a point to leave the city on weekends in the summer. Often, my boyfriend and I will go to the beach or have a BBQ poolside, and it's like a mini vacation. Focus on the little things like that make coming back into work on a Monday—even when it’s 95 degrees in the city—feel a bit easier.

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On channeling a unique look into your workwear

I would describe my style as chic and on-trend, while also being practical and comfortable. I always say shoes are the most important accessory (they are my favorite). I love being able to make a statement with my shoes. I can wear a simple T-shirt dress, throw on a pair of funky sneakers, and I feel like I made the outfit my own. It’s fun to experiment and see what works best for you.

There's nothing worse than sitting at my desk in something that doesn’t let me move easily. Working at a wellness company, I’m super lucky that I can be casual with my workwear. I can rock a fun pair of patterned leggings (my favorite are olive-green, snake-skin patterned leggings) with a bomber and regular shirt to work. It allows me to go from work to workout class super easily.

Living in NYC, comfortable shoes are super important. I like to walk everywhere. Having a good pair of shoes that are versatile and can take you from season to season is huge.

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