The Perfect Tank Top Does Exist—And We Found It

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If you spent the early 2000s liking your Sketchers and loving your Prada backpack, then you are likely in your mid-thirties and the comforts of youth are slowly but surely cascading into the distance. Adios! Ciao! Au revoir! As nice as they were, actual comforts are so much better—and that's pretty much why TKEEs exists. Born out of a desire to create staples that are nearly indistinguishable from bare skin, the brand elevates otherwise mundane pieces of footwear and clothing: The U-shaped tank top, for instance, is equal parts slouchy and layerable, making it one of summer's true wins.

TKEEs The U Tank — $50.00

Started in 2009, most everything from TKEEs is created with minimal materials: A skin-tone-colored strappy sandal that’s meant to look as if it almost isn’t there, a slide that adds a bit of texture to your foot or you otherwise wouldn’t notice it. This aim to be there (but not!) couldn’t work more perfectly in favor for the clothing line, either.

When it's hot and drippy outside, we often look for drapey dresses and don't-touch-me tees to get us through, and TKEEs assortment of boxy crews and billowy blouses really do the trick, but it's the U Tank that gets all the stars and our unabashed co-sign to add it to your cart. With a scoop neck and two-inch wide straps, it's easy to throw on with a sports bra or bralette and walk out the door with minimal other styling needed. The brand also makes color-coordinated shorts and joggers, so you can have an easy, monochromatic uniform, should you so choose.

Everything in the line is made from a cotton jersey material that feels super soft on skin. It also really holds up with lots of wear—and trust me, I should know at this point. The sizing of the line runs from 1 to 5, which accommodates sizes 0 to 16 in United States. While the U-shaped tank comes in a limited array of colors (white, grey, navy, and black), the classic tank comes in the brand's five neutral hues as well as other neutrals if you'd rather go that route. Whatever you choose, I'm guessing that you'll find yourself liking (but probably loving).

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