3 Tips for Eating Healthy at an Airport From the Founders of Tone It Up

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It's not always easy to maintain your healthy eating habits while traveling—especially since more often than not, the only things you can find at airports are pizza, burgers, and processed foods.

Even wellness pros like Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott from Tone It Up feel the very real struggle when they fly—which the two have been doing a lot lately. This fall, the rockstar trainers basically lived out of their suitcases—and spent time at 15 different airports—crossing the country as part of their fitness tour. The upside to all that time on the road? It gave them plenty of chances to perfect their hacks for eating healthy on the go. There are three tips in particular the duo swears by, which they're sharing below.

Keep reading for advice on how to eat healthy at an airport—straight from Tone It Up.

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BYO meals and snacks

“I would say that airports, over the past few years, have actually become a little more health conscious and some have juice shops and salads that you can choose from,” Dawn says. Still, overall, "there’s a lot of salt in airport food and airplane food," Scott cautions. "And so that’s why packing something for yourself is a lot better."

If you do order food, focus on veggies and lean protein

“One of our key rules is to keep it lean, clean, and green,” Dawn says. She recommend sitting down to eat in an airport restaurant over grab-and-go options if you have time. Either way, make sure to read menus carefully and ask if there are added ingredients, like salt or sugar, whenever it's not clear. "See if there's something green like a salad," Dawn suggests. “Everyone’s usually got some nice chicken or fish on the menu, and a side salad or some sort of healthy carb. Less sauce is usually better, and know what they’re putting in the sauce."

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Water is (extra) important to combat airplane dehydration

"The biggest thing when you're traveling is hydration," Scott says. "Once you go through security, get a big bottle of water because they don’t even give you that much when you’re on the flight. And that way, you have it with you." Another genius hydration hack for flying? Adding marshmallow root to your H20.

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