The Top 10 New York City Boot Camps of Summer

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Where to whip yourself into shape in the sunshine this season—from lunging across the Brooklyn Bridge to crawling through sand in Central Park.

Stoked FIT Camp in Central Park (Photo: Kira Stokes)
Stoked Fit Camp in Central Park (Photo: Kira Stokes)

New York City sidewalks don't exactly scream "do push-ups on me!" but the city's uber talented fitness trainers have still found innumerable ways to take their workout classes to the streets—and parks and piers—during the summer months.

With boot camps that get you lunging across the Brooklyn Bridge, crawling through sand in Central Park, to doing more burpees than you thought possible in direct view of the Hudson River, these uber instructors get their groove on in summer.

Here, we bring you ten totally inspiring and super-effective outdoor boot camp workouts offered in New York City this summer (listed in alphabetical order). A word of advice: Whichever you choose, definitely bring a towel. —Lisa Elaine Held and Jamie McKillop

1. Beastanetics
This Tabata-style class that takes place in Brooklyn was created by Punk Rope founder Tim Haft and Shana Brady. Its tight-knit group of devotees often follow-up their burpees with cold brews. McCarren Park, Williamsburg, $150 for 1o classes,

2. BOOTYCamp! with Lacey Stone
Celeb trainer Lacey Stone spends most of her days in Los Angeles now, but her team of badass yet encouraging trainers continue her get-fit legacy for the New York fans of her athletic approach and over-the-top enthusiasm. Motivational emails filled with exclamation points (and surprise Stone appearances) included. Pier 46 (Charles St. and the Hudson River), $200 per week or $350 per month,

Best NYC outdoor boot camps
(Photo: Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp)

3. Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp
Sweeping views from the iconic bridge are almost enough to distract you from how hard you’re working in this famed, body-changing class. It’s a strength-training workout (expect resistance bands at the top of the bridge) with the bonus of a 2-mile run built in. Founder Ariane Hundt, who's also a nutritionist, swears you’ll burn 800 calories. We believe her, and so will you. Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park, $20 per class,

4. City Athlete
The athlete-friendly boot camp uses techniques borrowed from sports training to help fit New Yorkers (most of whom are sports-savvy) get stronger, faster, and more agile. Plus, it's run by three strapping, sweet rugby players whom you may find yourself really wanting to impress by giving it your all. Hey, all in the name of fitness. Central Park at Columbus Circle, $200 for 8-class series, $30 per class,

(Photo: City Athlete)
(Photo: City Athlete)

5. Holly Rilinger’s Training Camp
Flywheel fave Rilinger’s tough boot camp is also a happiness-boosting party that may inspire a lifestyle revamp. Think goal setting and visualizations—and clapping and dancing breaks in between lunges and squats. She'll host classes in the concrete jungle in June and then teach them in the Hamptons in July and August. Hudson River Park at 23rd Street and Central Park at 69th St. and Fifth Ave., $350 for 8 sessions,

Stacy's Boot Camp NYC
(Photo: Stacy's Boot Camp)

6. Stacy’s Bootcamp
Four-minute planks and water jugs used as weights are not uncommon in Stacy Berman’s institution of a boot camp (she’s been running it since 1991). Although it’s offered outdoors year-round, we recommend going during the warmer months. Central Park, Washington Square Park, Battery Park, Lower East Side, $110–$275 for 3-week sessions,

7. Stoked Fit Camp
Reebok Sports Club and Revolve star trainer Kira Stokes takes her functional- and strength-training methods outside in this intense boot camp that’s targeted at helping women build long, lean muscle—and become fitness rock stars. Classes are capped at 15, so you'll get lots of personal attention. And fewer opportunities to slack. Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, $40–$50 per class, email to sign up,

8. Street Kamp
Military-trained Bishop Garland takes a tough love approach to making you crawl through sand on your stomach, bear crawl up hills, and jump rope, and many of his clients prep for adventure races like Tough Mudder together. Expect to groan, whimper, and feel like a total bad-ass after. Central Park West and W. 67th St., $28 per class, $110 for 5 classes, $200 for 10 classes,

Strong healthy woman boot camp NYC
(Photo: Strong Healthy Woman)

9. Strong Healthy Woman
Popular physical therapist-trainer Laura Miranda kicks New York women’s butts (expect body weight exercises like push-ups and park-utilizing moves like step-ups onto benches) while keeping them safe—and empowered. Battery Park and Pier 25 at West St., $33 per class,

(Photo: Trooper Fitness)
(Photo: Trooper Fitness)

10. Trooper Fitness
Prince Brathwaite (AKA Trooper Prince) carts battle ropes, kettlebells, and resistance bands around town and then puts you through your paces, with constant, shouted encouragement. (You'll hear "All we know is go!" a lot.) He’s such a positive force, you won’t even notice how hard you’re working. East River Park, Central Park, Hype Gym Courtyard, $20 per class,

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