These New Apps Want to Make It *Beyond* Simple to Live Your Best Sweat Life

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This is officially the era of fast fitness, and the boutique studio scene is coming in hot with everything you need to workout. Like right now. Brain-training headphones have hit Equinox, sleek booking apps are putting the kibosh on old-school drop-ins, and on-demand exercise offerings are making it possible to recreate the studio experience anywhere.

It seems like every other day a buzzy brand or trainer (looking at you Carrie Dorr) enters the digital fitness race. But here, we're specifically focusing on new apps that are aiming to help you work out smarter, not harder (though trust that they'll challenge you to live your best sweat life, too). So bookmark this story, as we'll be updating it regularly to keep you in the know on any new additions that deserve to take up some of your precious data and storage space.

Keep reading for the latest apps that'll make 2018 your sweatiest, most seamless year yet.

Cyc fitness apps to revolutionize your 2018 workouts
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Cyc Fitness

Up-and-coming spinstitution Cyc Fitness, which specializes in high-energy workouts synced to killer beats, recently pedaled into an even sweatier era with a three-pronged upgrade to their user experience. Prices were majorly cut (a ride is as low as $18 in New York City!), its website was redesigned, and a gorgeous new iPhone- and Android-friendly app was launched. Now, you can pull out your smartphone and book a ride at a studio in NYC, Madison, Wisconsin, or Boston, Massachusetts in about five taps. Filter classes based on location and teacher, and use the app's calendar to stay organized (and keep track of how many classes you're crushing every week).

2018 apps for more convenient epic workouts
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Crunch Gym

These days, Crunch locations are basically as ubiquitous as Starbucks. Alright, alright—so that's a bit of an overstatement, but the "no judgments" franchise is definitely making waves with its 225-plus gyms in 24 states and 5 countries. Earlier this year, the brand refreshed its app to create an all-in-one client experience that allows members to research, schedule, and track their classes—from Rope Burn to Zumba. In addition to the easier-than-ever booking, the app also pairs and syncs with your smartwatch to help you stay in-the-know about all your fitness stats. And since a holistic view of fitness includes diet, the app also allows you to track your nutrition through dotFIT. Multitasking FTW!

Apps to revolutionize your workouts 2018
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Chaise On Demand

Like to sweat it out in your living room? Add Chaise on Demand to your ever-growing list of streaming workouts. For $16 per month, NYC- and Jersey based Chaise Fitness will allow you to stream exclusive classes that blend ballet, Pilates, and strength training via the VHPGo app. And for equipment, all you need are a couple of regular and loop resistance bands. Once you've subscribed, you also have access to meal-tracking tools and recipes. Oh, and your fitness tracker is compatible! Win-win.


This new live-streaming platform is making it easier than ever to squeeze in a sweat sesh at home with some of the top instructors in NYC (and channeling some major 80's vibes). Obé, which is an acronym for “Our Body Electric,” offers 6 hours of live classes per day, ranging in modality from cardio to toning to flexibility. A subscription to the platform costs $27 per month for unlimited access to classes. And to put that into perspective, a single class with one of Obé's trainers Megan Roup will set you back $35 IRL. Time to break out that jumpsuit.


Now that your workouts have reached an all-time high in terms of convenience, gather your gal pals for even more epic workouts in 2018. Also, here's why #squadcare is the new self care.





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