The List Is in: These Are the Top 10 US Travel Destinations for Summer 2018

Photo: Stocksy/Javier Pardina
You guys, summer is finally (basically, almost, practically) here, which means it's time to maximize your vacation days and plan a trip—if you haven't already. Need some travel inspo? TripAdvisor can help. It recently released its top 10 list of the most-popular US summer travel destinations.

"The Northeast will be the most-popular travel region."

“Travel is on the rise for US travelers this summer, up by six percent from last year,” says Brooke Ferencsik, TripAdvisor's senior director of communications. Its predictions are based on a survey of domestic locations with rising numbers of hotel bookings right now.

“[Our] survey also revealed that the Northeast will be the most-popular travel region, and the vast majority of travelers will be enjoying beach getaways or taking a trip to the city.”

So, what locales made the cut? Here’s a rundown of the destinations to add to your travel bucket list, stat.

For more Northeast travel ideas, check out the Well+Good retreat in the Catskills this summer. Or, let your zodiac decide where you should take a jaunt to next.

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